1. rjm

    Zero feedback push-pull buffer : piezo driver idea

    REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS 80, 104701 2009 permalink (the paper is presently a free download, which is cool) I came across this as part of my "day job", but I suspect the author does audio design on the side, much like I do. It's an amplifier design for driving a piezo stack typically...
  2. G

    Upper Gate Driver, discrete

    Designed to put +/-20v on the Ugs or Uge (substitute gds with gce for igbt), should result in nice off times. Made in a public library, so don't say anything about the picture quality. Start off values for the double transistor voltage regulator would be 10k/210k to get the wanted voltages...
  3. Nikolas Ojala

    Speaker drivers based on magnetostriction

    Have you heard these or about these? I haven't but new technologies are always interesting.