1. LeifB60

    Golden Ratio speakers?!

    Just a little question. Does a Golden Ratio ratio speaker box have greater capabilities for creating micro-details? Or does it mostly depend on the speaker element used? Does the volume on the speaker box affect the ability to create micro-details? Does the tuning on the speaker box affect the...
  2. P

    Tweeter and design for Eton, ATC mid.

    Hi, Can someone give me advice please. I have purchased a pair of Eton 11-581 woofers (eBay) and ATC SM75-150s midranges because they were good prices (maybe not the best selection approach). What is a good tweeter to combine with this setup up to US$300 each? Does anyone know of a passive...
  3. A

    Can I have some comments on this design?

    Hi there, I'm about to get the ferric chloride out and make a few boards up, and before I do I'd appreciate any comments on the design and layout atached. in return they are placed in the public domain, for what they're worth ;) It's intended for 100W into 8R. The DC rails will be +/-50V I...