1. S

    Special offer $130 EL84 Integrated tube amplifier

    Only $130 for this Tube amp. is a special program for people to try our amps We ship out the "Suppo audio" EL84 integrated amplifier for only$100+$80 shipping fees to US and EU by EMS Airmail. If buyer write a review to share his/her experience...
  2. T

    FS: In Los Angeles: four 12" budget subwoofers

    I have FOUR Elemental Designs EHQS 12 subwoofers I purchased for a project which didn't end up happening. This is a well-made subwoofer that doesn't compete with $100 or $200 each subwoofers, but sounds totally decent, and with four of them, it DOES compete with pretty good individual...
  3. chris661

    Cheap Version of the famous Tysen speaker.

    You can read the discussion of the Tysen speaker on this thread: But I decided, instead of putting my project completely onto that thread, I should start my own. Anyway, onto the project. Seems appropriate that I start woth driver...