1. Hondasnl

    InConcert Miles 2022

    Hello friends. InConcert Miles 2022. Project finished. The original speaker was designed and constructed by Stig Erik Tangen. You can find more information on the internet searching for "InConcert Miles". Inspired by Hunsbedt Trebygg, "Karmann" from, "BEF-NO" from AVSforum and...
  2. ranshdow

    I rolled my own OPT. Then I made an Arch Nemesis with it.

    "Why are you applying for this job again? Are you sure you want it?" A while back I built MoFos. The idea of using the primaries of salvaged power transformers from microwave ovens as chokes came up. I briefly tested one in my MoFos, heard that it worked, and moved on. But I had collected a few...
  3. Patrick Bateman

    Unity Horn with Metamaterial Tweeter

    Here's a Unity horn I threw together over the weekend. It uses two MCM 55-1870 woofers and an SB 26 ADC tweeter with a metamaterial back chamber. Here's the waveguide. It's loosely based on QSC's waveguide.
  4. punkrokr1701

    Good ole budget build sub

    ok guys I haven't had much chance to check in the forums for a long time now and now that i got my comp built I'm looking at attempting a budget build $300 complete sub woofer. I'm looking at a very simple set up, Basically cut the cabinet, plug and play sort of set up right now. Birch is my...
  5. Pano

    Fast, fun, Inexpensive OB project

    Thread Index Please go to posts #2500-2502 see the latest version of this project. There you will find the current baffle plans and crossover schematics. For explanations of how the crossover works, see post #1388...