1. S


    Hey, I am working on a 75 triumph spitfire with my father and when completed, I would like to put a mid-end sound system in to it. My question is, Does POLKAUDIO sound nice (quality/price) or would I be better off with PIONEER or KENWOOD? Much Thanks, steven123654.
  2. M

    Fortè 1a + Audio Research LS3

    One of my friends is the owner of a pre ARC LS3. He likes old class A amplifier but he isn't sure. What do you think about a Fortè 1a?
  3. st2_998

    Forté Audio Model 3: caps and schematics?

    I'm very satistfied of my new old :D amp! Due to its age, I was considering a power supply recapping, I'm pretty sure someone worked on it and can give me some valuable advice :) And... where can I find the schematics? I took a glance to Model 1's one but the PS appears to be wired in a...
  4. G

    classé audio dac 1

    any shematics ? any datas/pinouts for the altraanalog converters ? thanks .
  5. J

    Classé Audio DR10

    Hallo, search Schematic of Classé Audio Power Amp DR 10 Thank`s jrmodell
  6. M

    Fortè Audio 1a

    I have a problem with 1 of the 2 Fortè Audio I have. Sometimes the transformer make a noise (a sort of zzzzzzz), must I change it or can I make something else? Thank you