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    500/1 JL Amp drains my batteries

    Hello, I am new to this site, and I was hopping that someone could help me out. I have a JL 500/1 amp in my truck. Long story short, I have discoverd that the reason my batteries keep dying is because my amp is drawing 2 amps when everything is off. I drive a service vehicle so my truck is...
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    Tube Amp for MP3 Player

    Hi all! I'm looking to build a small, simple tube amp for my kid's iPod. I'd like something simple, great sounding. Not looking for a kit, just a layout or something like that, the simpler the better. I'm familiar with guitar amps, and it'd be great if I could plug into a champ, for example...
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    Marshall MS2 Replacement part

    Hi! I'm new to this, and i got here searching through google... i'm in a big hurry, so if any of you can help me, i'll be really greatful (sorry if my english is not very accurate) ... Long history short, i have a Marshall MS2 (a friend of mine's one), it fell and didn't sounded anymore, so, i...
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    Car amp killing battery or car

    Ok so I just bought a Dual 300watt AMP and hooked it up to my 8" Bazooka, as soon as I hook it all up, my car has trouble starting and once it does it idles very weird (like it revs then like craps out then right before it dies it revs again) anyways, i have the 12v attached directly to the...
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    Amp goes on protection?

    Hey, I own a Rockford Fosgate 350s amp and it goes on protection when there is a load. My circuitry look great. I have read that my output mosfets are burnt. Could it be something else? Much thanks, steven123654
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    Rockford Fosgate/Mosfet

    Hey, I own a rockford 350s amp, and I burnt my output mosfet. I want to replaced them but I dont know how to remove them from the heat sink.The problem is that the amp uses what Rockford call Mesha witch is the back of the mosfet (big metal connection for heat transfer) connected to a PC board...
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    André Charlin anybody got his Tube Amp

    Anybody know more of this Charlin ? Anybody ever been owner of an amplifier by him ? EL34 Chardin Amplifier