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SKU Information

In case it's of any interest to you, our SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) are named so that we (and you!) can see at a glance what is exactly inside them.  We combine boards into SKUs in order to keep our handling fees (and your board prices) as low as possible.

They break down as:

Type (one letter) + (dash) + Name+ (dash) + Quantity Description (one letter)+ Version/Size(1-3 digits) + optional letter "e" as a European store designator (They have a slightly higher cost base due to us having paid additional customs, duties, shipping and handling to get them into the EU)

T = T-shirt

Quantity Description:
1 = Single Piece
2 = Two Pieces
n = n Pieces
S = Set

Version or Size:
V10 = Version 1.0
V23 = Version 2.3
3XL = 3XL (Sizes S/M/L/XL/2XL/3XL)

For example:

T-LOGO1-1S = Tshirt, "Plain Logo Design", 1 piece of Size Small

P-F5-2V20 = PCB, F5, 2 pieces of Version 2.0

P-F4-2V20 = PCB, F4, 2 pieces of Version 2.0

P-BAGS-1V20 = PCB, Burning Amplifier Gain Stage, 1 piece of Version 2.0

P-BAGSN-1V20 = PCB, Burning Amplifier Gain Stange (No Feedback), 1 piece of Version 2.0

P-BAC-S4V20 = PCB, Burning Amplifier Complementary, Set of 4 pieces, all Version 2.0

P-BAS-S4V20 = PCB, Burning Amplifier Single-Ended, Set of 4 pieces, all Version 2.0

P-BACO-2V20 = PCB, Burning Amplifier Complementary Output, 2 pieces of Version 2.0

P-BASO-2V20 = PCB, Burning Amplifier Single-Ended Output, 2 pieces of Version 2.0

P-F5c-2V20 = PCB, F-5c, 2 pieces of Version 2.0

P-MEZB1-2V10 = PCB, Mezmerize B1 Buffer, 2 pieces of Version 1.0

Currently anything designated as "Version 2.0" has been designed with out universal heatsink mounting specification in mind, but this may change in the future.