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Perforated Riser Panels

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Comparison of risers - perspective view front


Please note!  This is special "at cost" pricing for our beloved customers for the launch of the new chassis!  We are giving these away at cost price to encourage DIYers to explore what is possible!  Regular pricing will start with the next batch!


Riser panels transform the flat two dimensional space within a chassis into a 3D playground, allowing for a much higher density of components and unlimited configuration possibilities:

  • Install boards vertically
  • Secure risers to both the front panel and base for extra strength
  • Create entire platforms (for example over the top of a transformer) using standoffs or long bolts
  • Attach risers to the front panel to allow unlimited front panel board mounting possibilities, as well as through panel components such as dials and pots
  • All on a simple 10mmx10mm grid of holes that allows for anything to be spun around any dimension



Examples of things you could do with the risers:

  • 2x150x90 creates two 90mm strips you can put any size "platform" above.  Most people are using transformers that are around 65 to 80mm high such as the 400VA AN-4218 or 600VA AN-6440. Depending on which way you mount things you will have 80-98.5mm to play with.
  • 1x150x180 is big enough to put a cap board and diode board (with dedicated heatsinks) on 1x150x90 is big enough to put a diode board and use it as the heatsinking for all the diodes (currently untested / unproven)
  • 4U & 5U: 1x150x90 + 2x150x120 creates a very large space on the front panel for mounting things
  • 4U: 2x150x120 creates two spaces each secured by 4 mounts with a 10mm or 30mm gap in between to give you access to a LED or other centered front panel components
  • 4U & 5U: Secure a riser to both the base and the front panel at the same time for extra rigidity. We've designed the chassis specifically so you can do this. Just mount the perforated base with the edge flanges facing down and everything will line up. Using a larger riser like this will give you a large amount of vertical space to mount circuit boards.
  • The 90mm wide risers have holes 80mm apart and therefore mount nicely on any front panel 80x80 mounts
  • Mount things centered: The "odd" sides of a riser (eg: 90mm / 150mm) will sit nicely centered on the front panel, or on the perforated base, because the base (and front panel) have a "center hole"
  • Mount things centered: The "even" sides of a riser (eg: 120mm / 180mm) will not sit nicely on the front panel (unless you drill some holes in the riser), but importantly it can be easily centered on the perforated base using the slots. This is useful if you have a circuit board that has mounting holes that are 40mm/60mm/80mm/100mm/etc apart and want to mount it vertically, perfectly centered.

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