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10 Keratherm® Red Insulators

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10 Keratherm® Red Insulators

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A pack of 10 Kerafol Keratherm Red transistor insulators. These are placed in-between the face of the transistor and the heatsink. The transistor will be electrically insulated but thermally conductive - allowing the heatsink to heat up and dissipate the heat from the device.
This material is a single solution - there is no need to use thermal grease - just place the insulator between the transistor and heatsink.
The Keratherm Red material is silicone and fiberglass material impregnated with ceramic that is thermally conductive - and in normal use can match or even exceed the performance of mica and grease. It is ideal for Class-A and -AB power amplifier devces and anywhere you need a good thermal interface.
Dimensions are 32mm x 23mm, which will fit TO-247, TO-3P, TO-218, and can be cut with scissors to fit TO-220 and smaller packages.  One side is smoother than the other, but either side can be used for heatsink or transistor.  
  • 10 Kerafol "Keratherm® Red" premium insulators
  • Model: 86/82
  • Format: XXXX-028 (To suit TO-247 and TO-218)
  • Datasheet
  • Dimensions
  • Color: Red (actually, a light shade of pink, and varies batch to batch)


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