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Burning Amplifier PCB Revision 2 Notes

BAGS (Burning Amplifier Gain Stage - P-BAGS-1V20)
- Fix error ±
- Updated version number and date
- Added extra holes 120mm and 60mm apart the other way
- Size: 130x70 mm

BACO (Burning Amplifier Complementary Output Stage - P-BACO-2V20)
- Increased size to 250x50
- Adjusted holes to 80mm and 5mm from board edge
- Updated version
- Deleted one set of diodes and moved the others in center
- Size: 250x50 mm

BASO (Burning Amplifier Single-Ended   Output Stage - P-BASO-2V20)
- Same as BACO
- Size: 250x50 mm

BACB (Burning Amplifier Complementary Bias board - available within P-BAC-S4V20)
- Resized to 50x50mm
- Moved holes 5mm from edge
- Updated text
- Size 50x50 mm

BASB (Burning Amplifier Single-Ended Bias board - available within P-BAS-S4V20)
- Resize to 50x60mm (difficult to get down to 50x50 due to elna silks)
- Moved holes 5mm from edge
- Updated text
- Changed the S wire routing
- Size 60x50mm




Burning Amplifier PCB Revision 1 Notes

-Initial revisions of all boards