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New Soft Start & Speaker Turn-On Delay and DC Protector Boards (Set of 2 boards)

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Soft Start Board itself

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New Soft Start & Speaker Turn-On Delay boards (V3), compatible with 10mm x 10mm mounting specifications. Image shows just the soft start board. Speaker protector images coming when we have them.

Soft Start Board V3 - Every time you switch on your monster (or not so monster) power amplifier, the initial current drawn from the mains can be many times that of full power. This is more commonly known as inrush current, caused primarily by huge power transformer switch on currents and empty capacitor banks. At power on, the filter capacitors in your power supply are completely discharged, and acts as a short circuit for a brief period of time until a certain amount of voltage has been reached. This brief period of time can be very harmful to your Power Switch, Fuse, Power Transformer, Rectifiers and Filter Capacitors. This Softstart project is employed to limit these destructive inrush currents by momentarily introducing a resistance between the power transformer’s primary winding and the mains supply, which, after a brief moment, is completely connected to the mains. This momentary delay is already enough to charge the filter caps and limit the inrush current draw.

If you have any questions please visit the Power Supply Soft Start V3 thread in the store support forum.


Speaker Turn-On Delay and DC Protector Board V3 - Protect your precious speakers from power amplifier turn-on and turn-off transients and amplifier faults such as DC voltage presence at the output. The Speaker Protector connects your speaker after a few seconds from powering on your amplifier, long enough for the power amp to settle down thus eliminating any nasty thumps that you hear on your speakers. It also provides speaker cut-off in the event there’s DC voltage present in your amp’s output protecting your speaker’s voice coil from burning out.

If you have any questions please visit the Speaker Turn-On Delay and DC Protector V3 thread in the store support forum.

Additional Information

Warehouse Location USA
Dimensions Soft Start: 110mm x 55mm. Speaker Protector / Delay: 100mm x 50mm.
Mounting holes Holes are on a 10mm x 10mm grid
Number of boards included 2
Layers 2