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Deluxe 4U "Jack of all Chassis" (All Aluminum) V2

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Showing back panel kit installed (not included)



  • It has Neutrik XLR jack compatible holes on the back to accept either an XLR jack or an RCA-in-XLR-format jack so you can easily use either XLR or RCA cables to connect your amplifier
  • It has two "almost through" holes on the inside of the chassis for easy drilling of two extra holes in case you want to use both XLR jacks (on the far left/right) as well as regular RCA jacks (in the middle).
  • Some last minute changes were made to improve the aesthetic balance of the holes and we are waiting for the final specification as to the horizontal position of the XLR-compatible and RCA-almost-through-pilot-holes, but it's not much different from the diagram shown (they are moved inwards a little)
  • Please see the 4U Back Panel Specification and 5U Back Panel Specification for more details
  • The photos are old and show the old model with 2xRCA jacks, not the new model with 2xXLR jacks 



The perfect DIY amplifier playground!  Loaded with features designed specifically to make the life of a DIY amplifier builder easier.  No drilling!  No tapping! Any questions just ask here.  

Now upgraded with an all new base and front panel and riser panel compatibility

Build Guide - HERE

All new: 

  • The old Hifi2000 standard 12x10.5mm base has been replaced with an all new customized base with a DIY friendly 10x10 hole pattern
    • Holes are aligned so there is a column of holes directly in the center to make it easy to drill out a hole for perfectly centered transformer mounting
    • All diyAudio PCBs going forward will come with mounting holes spaced apart in multiples of 10mm to allow for easy mounting in any orientation
    • All new risers panels can be combined with the 10x10 pattern to create unlimited horizontal and vertical mounting configurations
  • The front panel now has 9 blind M3 pre-tapped mounting holes
    • Mount single or dual PSU boards directly to the back of the front panel
    • Designed so risers can be bolted to the chassis using two axis to create stable interior platforms within the chassis and maximize all the interior space 
    • Use with risers and easily mount front panel components such as pots and dials to the risers with extension rods going through the front panel, saving the need for complicated or messy hacking in order to attach things to the front panel 
    • The 9th hole is perfectly centered in the chassis and approximately 1/3 of the way down from the top (or bottom - you can spin the front 180') and can be used either as a mounting hole or as LED pilot hole
  • Riser panel compatible
    • We've created riser panels that can be bolted to the base, front panel or each other to create unlimited possibilities for the maximisation of the internal space within the chassis.  
    • Want to stick burning amp output boards, bias boards, gain stage, dual psus, dual transformers, soft start and speaker protector all in a 4U chassis? Walls and shelves now simply screw together in any configuration to dramatically increase your ability to optimize the internal space.


  • 2 x aluminum heatsinks 40mm thick, 300mm deep and anodized in black with 23 pre-drilled, pre-tapped blind M3 threads per side (a total of 46) as specified in our UMS
  • 1 x aluminum faceplate 10mm thick, 450mm wide with rounded corners and anodized in silver
  • 1 x aluminum back panel 3mm thick and CNC routed to our back panel specification, ready to accept your choice of PEM, RCAs and premium binding posts or drop our back panel parts kit (not included) straight in
  • 2 x aluminum top/bottom covers, maximally vented with 6 rows of venting strips, to provide an ideal balance between airflow and stiffness
  • 1 x galvanized steel perforated inner baseplate 300mm deep and 1.5mm thick which is pre-drilled with a pattern of holes allowing for easy mounting as well as less flex


  • Width: 450mm with 360mm usable internal space
  • Depth: 300mm
  • Height: 165mm
  • Weight: 9.7 kg

Ideal for:

Notes about the product image:
The product does not include the back panel parts kit, which is pictured in one of the photos

Additional Information

Warehouse Location USA
Color Silver front panel, black heatsinks and covers
Height 4U
Heatsinks 40mm Standard Profile
Top Cover 3mm Aluminum (Maximum Vents)
Bottom Cover 3mm Aluminum (Maximum Vents)
Front Panel 10mm Silver Anodized Aluminum
Rear Panel 3mm Aluminum
Interior Dimensions Internal width: 360mm, Internal height: 165 mm
Exterior Dimensions Width: 450mm, Depth: 300mm
Weight No
Extras Front panel pre-drilled and tapped, Heatsinks pre-drilled and tapped, Maximally vented covers, Perforated base included, Rear panel pre-drilled and tapped
Manufacturer Part Number diyAudio Custom Code: HF1NPDA04300B-D