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40mm Heatsink Information

Technical Information on the Heatsinks

  • Made of Aluminum
  • The fins on all 400mm deep chassis are "wave" profile, the fins on all 300mm deep chassis are regular "straight" profile.
  • They are anodized in black.  Black provides the highest emissivity (ability to emit energy by radiation).
  • The 4U 300mm contains two heatsinks are each is rated at 0.31 C/W
  • The 5U 400mm contains four heatsinks and each is rated at 0.28 C/W
  • All heatsinks will have exactly one, very hard to see, very thin mark looking similar to a scratch in the corner where the anodisation is not present.  This is not a scratch, and is a normal attribute of any anodized product due to the way anodized products must hang in anodisation fluid.  It's always on the inside, where it cannot be seen in the finished product.