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cpmiller 3rd April 2012 02:05 AM

BetsyK in OB
Hi All,
Paul sold me some BetsyK's in lieu of Betsy's since that is what he has in stock. My initial plan is to build and OB with them. Paul informed me using 36g wire should push the Qts of the BetsyK up to same as the Betsy.

I found only 30g wire at Radio Shack. I'm looking for any information others may have with BetsyK's in single drive OB. What size wire did you use? I can buy a spool of 36g off internet but would like to avoid that.


kenpeter 3rd April 2012 02:53 AM

I have an unused pair of Betsys, was needing K's.
No open baffle Q projects planned. Want to swap?

cpmiller 3rd April 2012 12:56 PM

Thanks but I decided I'd take'em as I'm interested in the highter sensitivity and the K's are more versatile. I may also try a TL version. But I might come back to you if I decide I definitely want to try the non-K version.


pjanda1 6th April 2012 01:40 AM

You could try the 30g, but a longer piece. The Radio Shack set has 200ft of 30g, after all. Heck, maybe 30g is what I had in mind all along. Try a few different lengths.

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cpmiller 7th April 2012 12:33 PM

Got the wire from Radio Shack
Hi Paul,
I picked up exactly that wire set from Radio Shack. I'm using the 30g right now but haven't tried a longer length yet.

Just finished putting the BetsyK's into some quickly built OB's. For simpliciy I simply picked up some 2'X4' MDF panels from Home Depot. I cut a third panel to make 1' X 4' rear braces to stand it up. The wide width of the baffle allows me to try inserting a OB sub if I want to experiment with various ways to augment the bass response.

Initial impression are these through a wide detailed sound stage compared to my JX92's in MLTL. The mids are really nice. The treble is a little harsh which may be break-in or placement/orientation challenges in this smallish room. And of course, the bass does not reach down to the 20Hz of my MLTL's but it's very listenable.


cpmiller 17th April 2012 02:41 AM

BetseyK breaking in nicely
Well, the BeseyK's are breaking in and sounding quite nice. With about 7' of twisted 30g wire I'm getting usable bass down to 50Hz using cheap RS SPL meter and pink noise sources which surprises me. Not bad.

Hz dB/BetseyK
25 -13
32 -11
40 -7.5
50 -3.5
62 -0.5
80 1.5
100 2
125 1.5
160 -0.5
200 -1.5
250 -0.5
315 -1
400 0
500 -0.5
630 0
800 0
1000 0
1300 1
1600 1.5
2000 2
2500 3.5
3200 4
4000 4
5000 3
6400 3.5
8000 2
10000 1
13000 -5.5

nesha 19th April 2012 11:11 PM

Hi, Cpmiller, I'm happy user of BetsyK. I couldn't find any harshness in the treble, in the begining and now ( after a month, they are still in the runing-in proces). It could be your source or amp.

cpmiller 20th April 2012 02:48 AM

Hi Nesha, thanks for your reply. I'm glad to know you are a happy user of the BetsyK. How are you listening to them? Do you have have them in an enclosure or are you using them OB also?

Most speakers take some time to break in. Also, the Betsy's exhibit a treble rise above 1K Hz that is greater than my JX92S's (my reference full range for the last two years) which I believe my ears notice. It took a fair amount of time for my JX92's to break in.

I continue to be quite moved by the large and detail sound stage of the BetsyK's in OB configuration.


nesha 20th April 2012 05:30 AM

cpmiller 20th April 2012 12:19 PM

I just read the thread of your build. Did you build both a ML-TL and TQWT version? I see the photo's of only one design. Very nice. I like the proportions of the cabinet. I wish I could listen to your speakers!

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