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Karl71 2nd April 2011 11:14 PM

Tweeter for betsyK
Paul and Everyone -

It's been a while since I last posted. A sudden change in living conditions means that I will be able to set up a listening space in a basement. I will finally be able to put my BetsyKs in big sealed boxes.

The question now is what tweeter to choose. I'm thinking of the Morel Horn-loaded dome. It's sensitivity matches that of the BetsyK. I am looking for suggestions for a tweeter and a crossover frequency. I am thinking of 1st Order.



pjanda1 3rd April 2011 12:57 AM


I'm not sure the Morel (are you looking at the 378?) would do much of anything for you. Look at the response chart here:
The efficiency spec relies a great deal on the effects of the horn around 3-4K. At 10K, you've got what, 92.5 db? It is neither terribly extended nor will it have wide dispersion. I'm not sure you'd be able to tell whether or not it was playing if you placed it with a BetsyK.

I'd advise that you give the BetsyK a listen by itself first. You might be surprised. Second, remember that your basically talking about a super tweeter. Something to add "air" and "sparkle". The Morel looks like a great performer when used as intended, from 2-3K up. You don't need a bunch of dynamic range at 3k. You do need high efficiency, and preferably, wide dispersion. Otherwise you aren't gaining much, in my opinion.

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Karl71 3rd April 2011 04:04 AM

Paul -

Yes, you're right. How about the Fostex FT17H super tweeter? Check the application sheet pdf. The FT17H is inexpensive and very extended.

Which super tweeter do you like for use with the BetsyK?



derwhalfisch 4th April 2011 04:24 AM

Karl, have you heard the BetsyK on their own yet or will this be their first application?

Karl71 4th April 2011 12:54 PM

No, not yet. I am assuming that I will need some sort of tweeter given the plot on Paul's site. I do like extended highs. I might top mount the tweeter if I have a difficult time deciding or want to add it later.



pjanda1 4th April 2011 07:58 PM


The prices go up and down a bit, but if you are thinking of top mounting, you might look for a pair of the old Radio Shack/Realistic pod super tweeters that are very similar to the FT17H. They look a little cheesy, but unlike the new one, they faceplate is metal. And they come in a pod! If you really want something nice, I'd consider ribbons. But like I said, you should consider listening first. You might find you don't need anything. Or, if you just need a little sparkle, cheap piezos might be enough.

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Karl71 5th April 2011 07:18 PM

Paul -

I might try it with the BetsyK alone at first to see how it sounds.

Yes, the RS super tweeter pod always looked very cheesy. I remember those. I think I would try the Fostex drivers over the RS pods. Actually, I could build the Fostex units into rigid food containers and make my own pods.

Regarding ribbons, which ones do you like?



derwhalfisch 16th April 2011 07:30 AM

I just boxed (baffled?) my BetsyK's today. Open baffle, not ideal I know, but the only shop in town I can get power resistors to fix it is closed. I'm super excited by how they sound so far. They're a biT ragged around 6k (at a guess, it's just a touch lower than sibilance) so I hope that'll calm down with time (or with baffle changes maybe) but they're crisp like I've never heard so I wouldn't think they *need* a tweeter. That's my 2 cents. I'm going to try a 3-way with these handling 200-6000 and will put a tweeter in, but that's a long time away yet.

adason 16th April 2011 01:06 PM

Hi Karl,

I have recently built open baffle with two BetsyWOW and I used this tweeter:
Selenium ST200 Super Tweeter
Its inexpensive, its highly efficient, it sounds great, its Hifi, not PA really, it has good directivity, low distortion, smooth fr response and so on. Highly recommended.

tweakk 15th May 2011 09:32 PM

Just for kicks I hooked-up these yesterday.

Crossed over with a simple cap at various frequencies I could hardly tell they were there. I'm going to dink around trying to pull-down the peaks of the Ks response after measuring them and then the Neo 3.5 might serve a purpose.

Very impressive do it all driver Paul!

Wouldn't you want a tweeter with a narrower, controlled dispersion to match the Ks? Doesn't it start to beam at higher frequencies?

Next week a professional carpenter is going to build a pair of cabinets for me. I'm considering your TL but if the only advantage is better bass I'll go with a "transient-perfect" sealed box.

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