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eboz 14th November 2006 07:14 PM

DIY Enclosures LLC - a new chassis manufacturing company in the USA. I'd like to introduce a new line of chassis to the DIY community. These chassis will be available to order very soon at our eventual website location: Currently the site isn't up and I will inform everyone as soon as it is ready. We only need to fine-tune a few things and add some new images. It's soon enough though that I can show everyone some pictures of the parts I have in stock. I've created these chassis with as many popular options as possible, such as preamp faces and knobs, IEC cutouts and modules, ventilated top panels as well as thicker blank top panels for tube projects. The parts can be combined in any combination, which the website will guide you through. They are constructed from .050" (1.3mm) anodized aluminum, except blank top panels which are .080" (2mm) thick. All fastener hardware is included, including: #8-32 stainless or alloy button head screws (depending on color of chassis chosen), four large rubber feet, and kep nuts. I would also like to note that we will accept international orders and all of our dimensions will be in both imperial and metric, prices will be displayed in USD and Euro. All prices will remain for a six month introductory period. The website should be ready in about two weeks.
This image shows the flagship model, the DIY1712. It's usable internal dimensions measure 17x12x3.5in, 431.8x304.8x88.9mm. Front panels measure: 17.5x4.1in and a full 1/4" thick, 444.5x104.1x6.35mm. This model with a blank face panel starts at $115. Add preamp face and two knobs for $30 additional. The indicator marks are compatible with Elma switches and the numbered inputs can be removed by rubbing them with a sugar cube. The sugar cube is abrasive enough to remove the silk screen, but won't leave any scratches on the metal. Knobs shown here are the clear anodized type1 and type2 knobs, which are also available in three other colors: gold, black, polished. The knobs are a full 2" (51mm) in diameter! They are machined from solid 6061 T6 aluminum. Knobs are compatible with most boutique hardware and accept 1/4" and 6mm shaft diameters and include a #6-32 set screw. Knobs sold separately will cost $20ea for anodized and $25 for polished (you get a deal when you order the preamp face).
Here is the massive DIY1013, which is ideally suited for solid state class-A amps, or huge power supplies. There will also be a heatsink version available. It is shown with the optional IEC cutout and IEC power module and a 225VA Hammond transformer. The IEC option is available on all chassis for an additional $7, which includes an EMI filtered, switched and fused power module.
DIY1013 shown with IEC on rear panel and blank face panel installed.
imperial: 10x13x6in
metric: 254x330.2x152.4mm
DIY1013 does not include a preamp face option.
The DIY0908 is the perfect size for building smaller preamps, DACs, stereo chip or class-D amps. Shown here with IEC option and 225VA transformer.
imperial: 9x8x3.5in
metric: 228.6x203.2x88.9mm
Closeup detail of the side panel and face panel joint. The face panels include a routed grove, where the top, bottom and side panels fit into so that their edges are hidden.
DIY0908 with preamp face. Here you can see that the face panel brackets include pre-drilled pilot holes. These holes locate the exact center for mounting control knobs and hardware.
DIY0908 shown with polished type1 and type2 knobs.
The DIY0610 is a good size for monoblock chip amps, monoblock SET, power supplies, or headphone amps. The DIY0610 does not include a preamp face option.
imperial: 6x10x3.5in
metric: 154.9x254x91.4mm
DIY0610 rear panel shown with IEC module installed and gold face panel.

eboz 23rd November 2006 06:20 PM

DIY Enclosures Heatsink Versions
Here are a few more pictures showing the heatsink versions. This option is available for the DIY1712 and DIY1013 chassis at $30 and $50 respectively. The heatsinks require drilling and tapping to mount them.
This is the DIY1013HS, which comes with four 6" tall heatsinks. The windows on the side panels are for mounting power transistors or IC's directly to the heatsink.
DIY1712HS shown here with gold preamp face panel and black type1 and type2 knobs.

Jan Dupont 23rd November 2006 06:28 PM

Looks very very nice ;)

VT67 23rd November 2006 06:30 PM

Now that is simple and beautiful! Very nice chassis you created there.


Geek 23rd November 2006 09:35 PM

Knobs, eh?

I need pricing. 38-40mm dia unskirted, 6.35mm hole, single setscrew, non-anodized aluminum brushed and laquered.

geek <at> classicvalve <dot> ca


Algar_emi 23rd November 2006 09:54 PM

Very nice indeed. I would like the price list for sure.

Geek 29th November 2006 01:13 AM


Are you still with us? Your URL has been giving:

Error! Could not locate remote server

eboz 29th November 2006 03:24 PM


Yes I'm still here! :D I'll try to answer a few questions at this time. The website is being finished up and tested, and it's intentional that does not yet respond. We should have it up and running very soon. :cool:

On custom parts or designs: at this time custom parts and machining is not a service that we can provide. All of our parts are manufactured in bulk and are always stocked. Therefore there is zero lead time and chassis will usually ship to you next business day.

Pricing: There are so many parts, colors and options, that the website plays a crucial role in making those options and prices clear and easily understandable.

Here's a short list of the prices in USD:

All chassis are available in silver and black base colors, and silver, black, and gold face panel colors. There are two types, and four colors of knobs. Add $7 for filtered, switched and fused IEC module, with rear panel cutout.

DIY-1712 $115, includes blank face plate. +$30 for silkscreen face and two knobs. Ventilated .050", or blank .080" (2mm) top panel.

DIY-1013 $115, includes blank face plate.

DIY-0908 $85, includes blank face plate. +$30 for silkscreen face and two knobs. Ventilated .050", or blank .080" (2mm) top panel.

DIY-0610 $70, includes blank face plate. Ventilated .050", or blank .080" (2mm) top panel.

Heatsink versions are also available.

DIY-1712HS $145, includes same options as DIY-1712.
DIY-1013HS $165, includes same options as DIY-1013.

Here's a picture of the DIY-0908 with some gainclone parts:

Paul Ebert 30th November 2006 02:20 AM

These look really good. It's likely the 1013 could work for my Zen V9's assuming I use a fan.

What would be really sweet is if you could offer some huge heatsinks (and a case to which they could be mounted) for all of us Pass DIY folks who need to dissipate tons of heat. Any chance of that?

Regardless, it's nice to have someone sourcing such nice enclosures here in the US. I wish you success!

eboz 30th November 2006 02:50 PM


Thanks for your interest in the new chassis. The DIY-1013 was definitely designed specifically for those huge Zen amps and other class-A amplifiers. And yes, there is even a heatsink version, the DIY-1013HS. It's the same as the DIY-1013, except that it includes four huge, 6" tall heatsinks and windowed side panels for mounting the power transistors/resistors. Just view further up this thread and you can find a picture of the DIY-1013HS and its heatsinks. :D It's in with the pictures of the DIY-1712HS.

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