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AP2 14th September 2013 08:12 AM

SDA-400 Professional multi-way
This project is based on the modules SDA-400 of AudioPower.
It consists of a kit complete with anodized aluminum frame, assembled to be placed inside your container 1-U.
In this way, it has the advantage of having a well tried and tested, also under the profile EMI / RFI.

Selection options are:

2 channels to 6 channels.
the SDA-400, are fitted with components and materials exclusive to this promotion (not standard).
Powers (rms at 4R) from 80w ​​to 400w for single module.
The modules are wired and include everything you need for the best performances, so no capacitors add, no changes, no noise, no problem.

The offer price, I think it is unrepeatable. 2Ch & 4 Ch.


AP2 17th September 2013 01:33 PM

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Today...ehm.. Today now maybe :)
A small delay on aluminum parts,then i show not complete, also for see how i receive the modules from services.
90% assembled, just have some chance as toroid,caps, depeand version/ power we want.

2 ch in photo, is tuned for stereo use with power around 2x350w rms (at 4R) well tested to 2R resistive load.

4 ch as multi way in range of 100w(8R) able to drive direct Tw-MW.
OR 4 ch full range hi-power.

These products and manufactory is guaranteed by AudioPower Italy.
A-POWER logo on products.

P.S, The two SDA-400 are attached (one pcb) but totally electrically separated.

AP2 22nd September 2013 12:26 PM

Class D created for music
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Hello music lovers, the first is the dual mono kit, complete with all necessary parts, ready to be screwed onto your 1U.
The smps, are the new release for AB class (DPS-400) capable of delivering at 3R 2x500W quietly for 4 hours at 90% audio peaks. right one that will allow an excellent dynamics with any type of speaker with passive crossover.

Note: these products (dual mono and 4ch) will be on the shop AudioPower.
I got permission to launch a promotion to 50% discounted, but only for 20pcs (2CH) and 10pcs (4CH).
I want particularly to offer a product that, in addition to being exciting when listening, it is also a good way to give value to your money, having an excellent construction, ready for any comparison.

The promotion will be launched in a week.


AP2 22nd September 2013 02:54 PM

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Some features, right in the meantime I put the wired version complete.
Both version have a common mode (Amidon) emi filter at output tuned with RC, to have 200mV rms residual at 400Khz. (of course I had to revise the feedback loop and slope filter) to keep-2dB at 40Khz bandwidth.

The variation between open load, and 4R, remained 1dB at 40Khz. :)

all for now.


pinnocchio 24th September 2013 03:27 PM

This is really interesting AP2! Nice work!!


Mooly 24th September 2013 06:42 PM


Rules regarding Vendors Bazaar,

Extract "Only one thread per vendor in the Vendors Bazaar"

Please restrict all your commercial posts to this one thread. Multiple threads have been deleted.

AP2 24th September 2013 06:56 PM


Originally Posted by Mooly (

Rules regarding Vendors Bazaar,

Extract "Only one thread per vendor in the Vendors Bazaar"

Please restrict all your commercial posts to this one thread. Multiple threads have been deleted.

I apologize for not having read the rules.


AP2 25th September 2013 09:15 AM

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Well...we can ref to "Promotion Test" MDA-400, in this thread.

MDA-400 sended to:

Weskoki (2x)
Nikola (2x)
Tinitus (1x)
PinkMouse (1x)
marginwalker (1x)
CafèNoir (1x)
MJ777 (1x)
Waited Telephon number from HiroPro.

As Option: Rear panel Mono or stereo, complete.

AP2 25th September 2013 10:09 AM

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Input board PBTU-IM connections. (incluse in package,independant of rear panel)
Connections are very simple,without remote control, the MDA-400 start via Main switch.

Promotion Test includes:
1xMDA-400 (setup 240-260w at 4R) well tested at 2R full power.
1x Input board (assembled)
1xFlat cable 10Pin assembled
1xPBTU-3 (capacitors bank (ELNA 2x5000uF63V)

AP2 25th September 2013 10:29 AM

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The MDA-400 Dual Mono.

These amplifiers are characterized by:
The definition in the middle & tweeter range, perfectly comparable with professional class AB.
Dynamic and output current suitable for any speaker.

Custom designed in 2005 for a particular purpose, for a French company / Germany. (after having discarded all Class D amplifiers that were present on the market from 2005 to 2009) just to the voice and the bass at high volume.
This is a truth that can not be hidden by the beautiful words or slogans as amazzing, nice, bla .. bla .. :)


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