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DjLeco 14th October 2010 04:34 PM

My 500W/8R and 800W/4R AB Class Amplifier
The professional PCB's has arrived, and I have finally made it.

This is my prototipe done for selling, please don't ask for schematics, because I will not make public, thanks for understanding.

Power supply +/- 95 Vcc, input level 1,00V RMS, for max output below clipping.

Some pictures:

Some movies during testing:

And tests with music signal, please choose 720p on youtube for maximum quality.

And last tests:

Made today, In all 3 types of signal, Sinusoidal, Trianglewave and Squarewave, at 3 Khz,7 Khz, 10 Khz si 20 Khz, on 8 ohm dummy load, at 1-2 volts lower on output below clipped output:

3Khz Sinusoidal:

3Khz Triangle:

3Khz Squarewave:

10 Khz Sinusoidal:

10 Khz Triangle:

10 Khz Squarewave:

20 Khz Sinusoidal

20 Khz Triangle:

20 Khz Squarewave:

And entire movie during testing:]YouTube - 3,7,10 and 20 Khz 1V Below Clip.MOV

apexaudio 14th October 2010 04:42 PM

Is this same amp from your thread ?

wahab 14th October 2010 04:53 PM


Originally Posted by DjLeco (
This is my prototipe done for selling, please don't ask for schematics, because I will not make public, thanks for understanding.

What is exactly the point since no technical discussion is possible .??

We just understand that you should have named your thread :
"For advertising purpose only"....

DjLeco 14th October 2010 05:15 PM


Originally Posted by apexaudio (
Is this same amp from your thread ?

Yes, is the PRO version of PCB.


Originally Posted by wahab (
What is exactly the point since no technical discussion is possible .??

We just understand that you should have named your thread :
"For advertising purpose only"....

Any technical discussion are opened, wahab ,ask everything you want I'm opened for discussions, but not schematics sharing, being a prototype.


Originally Posted by AndrewT (
Thread reported.

Even for this, thank you!

h_a 14th October 2010 05:35 PM


on 8 ohm dummy load
Tested on 8 ohms ;-)

Might give fun, but no information.

DjLeco 14th October 2010 10:14 PM

Myfriend, please take patience and watch ENTIRELY, all movies that I have posted.
You will see and understand all that you need to clarify yourself.

Use 720p on youtube, what you will see, is more than enough to understand, instead of what I speak there.

Thank's for reply.

destroyer X 12th January 2013 07:37 AM

Our "culture" here DJleco is to make ourselves (DIY) and we use to share
1 Attachment(s)
but really, i cannot see the obligation to share.... we can make it without share too in my point of view...but the culture here, the tradition, the use, is to share.

We also cannot sell ..... only for free, for sharing, to help community, the one can sell is the forum and inside the section destinated to this sells...the advertisement (annoying) and the good thing...the Business location into this forum were created for this control sells..people use forum space (bandwidth) to promote, to advertise their stuff without cooperate with forum management to pay their keep a forum this size operating is expensive..try to imagine the costs.

I have readed, somewhere, you have made just a prototype and that you are selling... the stuff was made to sell to your local friends as an exclusive design.... this is OK to me....but people may have suspections that you are using the forum as an advertising media to make people go to you to sell your stuff directly....and this happened in many cases.... and happened in so big ammount the forum management decided to make a section dedicated to business, for sellers...a paid section i think....the idea i could capture is:

- "If they want to make money with our forum space (bandwidth) then they should pay for it"..... i do imagine this is the main idea...and it is fair.

I do think, my opinion, that you have two have your thread blocked or deleted, or moved, or to share the schematics.

Also they may be waiting you to be angry and to say (%#&$¨%#) to have a good excuse to banish you because you are different... goes against the tradition here.. the forum is homogeneous and people perceive differences as eccentricities.... and this belongs to all mankind that feeling to exclude different guys and to force people to go to a shape, a be equal, not different, to behave pre programmed and limited by rules.

I do suggest you to share the schematics...because this is the culture..the tradition, the use, the style, the mood, the way people does here, the philosophy, the religion, the convention, the Constitution and it is inside all amendments of this world forum.

It is a milacre that they have not deleted, moved, or blocked your stuff...there are envious guys making pressure on them (management)...people unable to do things hates the ones are able to do... will not delay one more week and you got be banished, blocked, punished, moved or something.

So.... take your decision bright young are alike a fish out of the water here.... humanity when see "differences" they use to go saw tribes in Africa killing one each other because different... the gas chambers, the good and the bad Race... the holocaust and many other things made by Religion around year 1500.

Wanna be toasted?..then do not publish schematic... want to show your job and be in peace (more or less, people will say your schematic is a copy, also that your schematic is wrong..they hate competence)..them publish.

These envious guys are not more than 10 folks.... our forum has 200 thousand or more..ignore the boring ones and go ahead..there are very good guys here too..all them love this stuff alike you and me.

People the "block" that wants to terminate you may now saying:

- "even crazy Uncle Charlie agreed with us"

This means not more one week...maybe two aware of that...i would love you publishing something to stop the bullet already in the chamber having your adress on it.

I have started a forum...and i can create a section to you..there you can show, you can not show, you can share or not share, you can sell or not sell, you can write in your language or some extra terrestrial language you want and then you can publish and talk with your friends.... we have google translator to help us to read your stuff...if you need, one can go and register there:

Amplificador DX • Índice



DjLeco 12th January 2013 07:48 AM

My friends:

If you have one PROTOTYPE made made exclusively for sale, developed from an older schematic upgraded from time to time, with newer and newer components that appeared, and so further;working much time to achieve those performances, I ASK you all, you'll PUBLISH YOUR SCHEMATICS, on public forums , after that amount of work and spent money?

Be honest!

I worked alot of time on it, investing alot of money, blown alot of output devices, and predrivers in tests, and now, I want to take benefits from my work, without being copied by a CHINA manufacturer, or others.

I just posted here, to show that is possible to be made, and share something from mine experiments.

As I told, sharing opinions and advices, are welcomed, but I will not sharing FINAL SCHEMATIC and FINAL VALUES OF PASIVE COMPONENTS...

So, please for better to all, DELETE THIS THREAD, or LOCK it.

Thank you all.

destroyer X 12th January 2013 08:12 AM

I use to share.... i do like to do that, but i do understand you
I also have a "monster amplifier" of 2 kilowatts or output that i do not share, also i do not show...this is for my future factory.... i can understand you.

But a fish out of the water....understand that.

I have no power to save you or to delete your stuff...if i had i would give you more time and let people (like me) to ask you to publish to save your soul.

I am not moderator....i cannot be.... i do have less democratic ideas...the ones cooperate deserves more attention and are better then others...they say people is equal and i do not believe on that because they are not equal.

It is all rigth to me..but think once are young.... hot attention, this is the place the best guys are....this is the place...the good ones..people alike you and me are here...all them here...united here...this is your place...think once more time...two more times.

Publish schematic man.... just to not say the adjustment parts (production line adjustments) and then everything gonna be all right.... the ones that bothers will stop..... the ones wants to criticise will pont the circuit does not operate (ahahahahaha!) and they will try to do not listen them and go ahead...or listen them..there are some good ideas here too.



TonyTecson 12th January 2013 09:15 AM

:cop: thread locked per OP request...

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