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zhoufang 24th March 2010 04:20 PM

Zhou Fang's sales thread! - Parts you always wanted but hard-to-get, they are here!
My Toshiba 2SK170-V for sales thread has drawn more interest than I expected.

It feels good to provide others with what they need, earning myself a small income, while still able to draw some donation for the forum we all loved.
Thus I decided to provide more parts to everyone, mostly parts that are difficult or too expensive to get.

Items for sale
Since the items available is always changing, I will keep on updating them, so that the list show up at least once every 4 pages.
So if you view this much later than March 2010, please look for the list of items for sale in the last few pages.
For most parts, I took the financial risk and brought them in quantities larger than any GB or typical sellers.
This way:
the price is lower
availability is constant
quality of matching is ensured
pls sent me a PM with the following information:
Forum ID:
Real Name:
Shipping address:
Paypal account email:
The list of items, the quantity, and options (matched, unmatched, or special request)
Exclusively by PayPal. PayPal fee is always inclusive in prices shown.
Price are shown in USD$, but for non US buyers, I may invoice you with the USD equivalent in my local currency SDG (Singapore Dollar). This will help me to save on currency exchange fee. X-rate determined by Yahoo Finance. If any non US buyer wants to pay in USD only, please state it explicitly when placing your order.

Shipping and handling fee:
Shipment by Singapore Post International Registered mail.
transit time:
Australia 4-6 working days
UK (London) 4-6 working days
USA (SF, NY, HI) 6-8 working days
Once paypal is received I will ship your package within 3 working days.
If anyone did not receive your package with 21 days from my shipment notice, please let me know.
Free shipping for all orders equal or more than $50, unless otherwise stated.
For order under $50, $4 shipping/packaging fee will be charged.
For order under $20, additional $2 small order fee applies, plus shipping fee, a total of $6 will be added to the price.
For unusual items, shipping fee might be different, in that case, I will state it clearly in the item description.

Except for items that worth very little in value, a small amount of sales from each items will be donated to the forum.
I will accumulate the amount of donation, and donate once it hit $50 or $100.
In each of the shipment notice, I will state clearly how much from each sales will go to donation, and what is the current donation pending amount.
If the sales is good, I expect to donation sum to $500-1000 per year.

zhoufang 24th March 2010 04:53 PM

Current Availability
Available now:
Toshiba 2SK170-BL unmatched cut-tape
Toshiba 2SK170-V unmatched cut-tape
Toshiba 2SJ103-BL unmatched bulk
Toshiba 2SK369-BL unmatched cut-tape

On the way:
Semisouth SiC JFET SJEP170R550 on their way to Singapore
Semisouth SiC JFET SJEP120R100 on their way to Singapore
Toshiba 2SK1530-Y/2SJ201-Y Matched soon
Renesas lateral MOSFET 2SJ1058-E/2SJ162-E matched
Vishay IRFP240PBF/IRFP9240 matched Q4 2010
Toshiba 2SK246-BL Jun 2010
Toshiba 2SK170-GR
Toshiba 2SK170-GR/BL/V matched
Toshiba 2SK170-BL / 2SJ74-BL matched
Vishay IRF610PBF/IRF9610PBF matched Q4 2010
Vishay IRFP044PBF matched Q4 2010
National Semi ChipAMP LME49830TB
Analog Device DAC AD1865N-K
Kerafol Keratherm Red Isolators (TO-220 / TO-247)

Price for available now items:
2SK170-BL / 2SK170-V / 2SJ103-BL unmatched
First 100pcs - $36, free shipping
additional 100pcs - $33
you can mix and match within this group, but minimum 50 pcs for each item. (e.g. 50x170V + 50x170BL +100xJ103 to produce a 200pcs order)

2SK369-BL unmatched
First 100pcs - $50, free shipping
additional 100pcs - $47

For all unmatched TO-92 small JFET, I will donated $1 for every 100 pcs sold.
From my "Toshiba 2SK170-V for sales" post, I have already donated $50, with another $34 donation pending.

Price for on the way items:
Semisouth SiC JFET

SJEP170R550 - new 1700V part with lower capacitance, lower transconductance, lower power dissipation.
ETA: expect to finish matching and start shipping out by mid or late March.
Price: $20/ea for the first 4 pcs, $17/ea for the 5th to 8th pcs, $16/ea from the 9th pcs onward

SJEP120R100 - the original part used in FirstWatt J2.
ETA: expect to start shipping out to you by late May. I'll try to talk with semisouth to see if it is possible for them to sent me a partial delivery first. If ok then I might be able to bring this to you one or two months earlier.
Price: $29/ea for the first 4 pcs, $26/ea for the 5th to 8th pcs, $25/ea from the 9th pcs onward


Pre-Order in this form

zhoufang 24th March 2010 05:36 PM

Sorry, the above price list should be:

The above list is just calculated for your convenience, you can purchase in any quantity.

The quantity discount will also be valid if you buy a combination of R100 and R500, i.e. $3/ea off base price for 5th to 8th pcs and $4/ea off base price for 9th pcs onward.
$1 will be donate to the forum for every 2pcs of SS JFET sold.
Pre-Order in this form

a.wayne 24th March 2010 07:26 PM

2 much fine print to read .... :eek:

Cal Weldon 24th March 2010 08:00 PM

You're too big to be in swap meet so I have moved you to vendors area.

EUVL 25th March 2010 05:32 AM

> You're too big to be in swap meet so I have moved you to vendors area.

Well-watched moderation !!! ;)
I tend to think you should also move all the related "sub-threads" like 2SK170V,... and God know what to here.

I also appeal to the moderators to stop people advertising his own sales in other people's Swap Meet or GB threads, allegedly out of carelessness.

Such behaviour is simply rude and treats others with contempt.


Luke 25th March 2010 05:40 AM

any 2sj74BL or 2sj109BL by any chance?

zhoufang 25th March 2010 07:56 AM

Thank you Moderator for the movement, I know where should I go next time.

a.wayne: if you read closely, my small prints are mostly to explain things in greater detail, so that I don't have to answer them individually in PM, not to impose more terms and conditions onto others.

Patrick: I will try to watch my own behavior. I wish what I do in the future will give you a better impression of me.

Luke: I have quite a number of 2sj74-BL on hand, all brought from ampslab in original toshiba box. I will sell them once I found the time to match them. 2sj109, no.

zhoufang 27th March 2010 08:18 AM

I have been told that AD1865N-K is in "last buy" status, I'm not sure if this is already know to the population.
The order I will get from my distributor is also late 2007 production.
If this will be what you want, I recommend you to start another GB and store a few more pcs for yourself.
I did not post this information in any other forum or thread, so I guess I have not irritated anyone by releasing this info.

zhoufang 27th March 2010 08:50 PM
This batch of Toshiba JFET/MOSFET, 350ml Tiger Beer made in Singapore in the foreground.
2SJ74, waiting to be matched
2SK170-BL/V and 2SK369. Expect very good matching...
one tray of 2SK1530/2SJ201
2SK1530/2SJ201 for this delivery
2SJ103-BL in bulk

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