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elviukai 2nd February 2009 03:40 PM

Many high end and hi-fi drivers for sale #2
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Hi all DIY audio members ,
seems 1st sale -
went smooth without any serious problems(few damaged parcels but nothing serious) airmails priority seems do job pretty quick, cheap and fine.
Again I have listed few drivers for sale which I will not need this year. If you have some special requirements of driver please ask.

Lets start form exclusive drivers and drivers which do not need sell cheaply or quickly :D

1)Accuton c173n –new fresh 2008 boxed with full warianty 20% off MSPR 6psc
2)Accuton c220-new boxed , without warianty(they sitted on a shelf for a while) 30%off MSPR 12psc
3)Accuton c30n 24 300mm neo tweeters , 2008, with warianty 20% off MSPR 4psc

And here we have KITS for exclusive speakers. All drivers are original, NOT STOCK. Sonically and technicaly they are different from stock. Its almost imposible to get them . as for implementation I can provide additional info by email ;-)
4) original WILSON AUDIO WATT/PUPPY 8drivers (2xtweeter, 2x midrange, 4x woofers) one set – 2500EUR 3 sets available . ech drivers MSPR 400eur/psc or more.
5)original Sonus faber auditor elipsa M drivers (2x midwoofers, 2x tweeter) one set -800eur.
6)original Sonus faber auditor drivers (2x midwoofers, 2x tweeters) one set- 500eur.
7)original Sonus faber Elipsa drivers( 2x tweeters, 2 x midranges, and NO woofers) one set 800eur.
And just drivers-
8) Wilson audio maxx (not maxx2) midrange drivers 200eur/psc
9)System audio midwoofers for sa2k master 180eur/psc
10) system audio sa7k master woofers 190eur/psc
11)sonus faber center M midranges 140eur/psc
12) Klein and humel woofers
12)sonus faber center midranges 90eur/psc

And ordinary speakers drivers-most are new,unused , some some have imperfections, some used only for testing purposes, some have boxes ,some not. Prices are about half of MSPR, some even less send mail with request and I see what I can offer.
11) scan speak 12m uncoated 2psc
12) scan speak 12 coated(single driver)
13) 18w revelator uncoated 4ohms
14)18w revelator uncoated 8ohms
15)15w revelator coated 8ohms
16)18w oem classic Kevlar, foam and rubber suspension versions
17)18w8545, 18w8545k midwoofers
18) 18w Proac –scan speak 8ohm drivers ,foam suspension
19) Klein + Hummel O300 studio montitors (3600eur price tag) woofers .
20)scan speak r2904/70005 tweeters, black and white flanges models, white plug
My selling condition/rules-
1)I will photo exact driver before business.
2) I will test/measure each driver before shipment.
3) I will pack drivers in original boxes or better
4) If anyone will not be satisfacted with drivers for sopme reasons I will accept them back for the same price(minus shipping and taxes) up to 2-3weeks.
5)first comes ,first takes :-)
I am attaching few photos of some drivers (sorry for the mess ).

Have fun with projects!

elviukai 2nd February 2009 03:42 PM

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another one

Bear5k 2nd February 2009 07:09 PM

Is the C173n the -90 or -96 version? (Mid-range or Mid-woofer)

Mail sent on a pair of 18W Revelators.

elviukai 3rd February 2009 06:08 PM

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hi there, I believe I answered all requests.

few more things from expierence-

1)I cover paypal if only less than 100usd, if more I cover half fees.if over 1000usd ypou pay fees or make wire bank transfer. Paypal ripps me prety nicely.not because fee but mainly to ridiculuos usd to eur coversion ratio.
2) I REALY advice to INSURE parcels. or at least add extra kg shipping price for extra double boxing.
I thought I package drivers well enought but today I received photo which you can judge by yourself :( I do not know what guys at USPS do but the metal frames of both revelators just broke to pieces! at the past I had dropped accidently bolted together revelators from 1 meter on hard surface and nothing hapened. here we have packed drivers and broken baskets. I believe guys at post ofice will explain and refund insurance. I will try to help to this member also(I know feeling whern you open box and see your plans broken)

so for now..

alius123 5th February 2009 12:04 AM

How much for your 12m revs? I am very interested.

dday_one 5th February 2009 09:39 AM

I'm interested in:

2x R2904/7000.09 black
2x 12M4631G
4x 18W4531G

Do you have these for sale? If so, how much total incl. insured shipping to the Netherlands?


elviukai 5th February 2009 04:20 PM

I sended replies to all. thanks

Here-I-Come 8th February 2009 06:52 AM

If the 12m's are not sold, price please to

Thanks for all your help in advance.

Here-I-Come 8th February 2009 10:41 AM


Originally posted by Here-I-Come
If the 12m's are not sold, price please to

Thanks for all your help in advance.

Sorry wrong email address it should be

xana 11th February 2009 02:38 PM

watt puppy
Please send details for a kit watt puppy.

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