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ArjenShenzhen 21st October 2008 05:36 AM

New ta2020 pcb'S
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Dear all,

From now i have 2 new Products,

the TA2020 PCB, fully assambled and tested 25 Watt per channel.

And a 6 Channel fully finished 3 X TA2020 amplifier PCB with powersupply! 6X 25 watt.

The powersupply delivers 10 A at 12 volts and the PCB has only high quality semiconductors from Fairchild, National, ONsemi and Tripath. Part numbers include:
- KA1L0880B
- MBR20100CT
- MC14069U ( for the controller section
- TA2020 X 3 ( Class-T 25 Watt amplifier IC

Pricing is:

The 2 Channel TA2020 PCB will cost 20 Euro
The 6 Channel TA2020 PCB will cost 50 Euro

Shipping via HKpost cheap and fast with insurance and traking number.

Other items on request.


Arjen Helder

glt 27th October 2008 06:51 PM

The 6-channel boards seem perfect for active crossover experimentation. Do you know of any kit/board for opamp based filters or active crossover?.

What is the shipping to the US?


ArjenShenzhen 28th October 2008 01:33 AM

Hey there GLT,

Ive seen some boards that can filter, but i doubt the quality of them,But what i can find here i can show you.

Would it be possible to fiddle with coils and caps? i think this is eazyer and more controllable.

Ive modded one board yesterday and ive seen the mods really amazingly improve the sound quality!

The input caps on this board are adjusted to match the speakers they are used with, Shitty 5.1 set's used here in China, so L/R front and back have the Bass filtered out, basicly because they have put 2 caps in series :bawling: so i have bridged one of the caps and replaced the 0.1uF with 2.2 uF.

Also the Subwoofer Channel misses a 100nF cap and a 1K resistor. these need to be added to make the thing full range.

After the mod i went to listen and was amazed ! the sound now is worthy a TA2020! it took me about one hour to make the mod and about 20 CM of litz ( solder Wick )

For the less experianced DIY'er. i will be offering modded boards aswell.

glt 28th October 2008 02:02 AM


Thanks for the info. For my application I just need a second order low pass at around 1 KHz for 4 of the channels and no filter for the other two channels. Two channels will drive the tweeter and I have a first order high pass (one single capacitor) which I will use in order to protect the tweeter. 4 channels will drive 4 woofers (2 for L and 2 for R)

So it is very easy with opamps, but if there is something readily available, then it is easier. Since there is +/- 12v from the supply, I could even take advantage of that supply to power the opamps

Are the input caps thru hole or smt? (can you show a picture?)


ArjenShenzhen 28th October 2008 02:17 AM

Input caps
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Hi there,

Here a photo that shows the caps, luckely they are thrue hole, so nothing to worry about.

ive put red circles arount the caps, the signal go's thrue two caps before it goes to pin 9 and 11 ( input pins on the IC )

The trick is to remove the ones you can eazely reach and to solder a wire to short out the ones you don't want. ive used poly caps as input capacitors on my trial, they work just fine, and for some extra i can add those with the board. they cost me about 3 Euro per 8 Pcs. and they have roughly the same size as the caps that need replacement.The film caps ive used before are to big to fit here, but im looking for some 100 or 63 volts film caps, that might fit.


Arjen helder

glt 28th October 2008 04:36 AM


Do the caps have to be close to the input circuitry? Otherwise you can short all the caps and add them at the input wires. Thanks.

ArjenShenzhen 28th October 2008 04:40 AM


i have just finished a nice PDF explaining how to mod this board and get the best out of it, any one that wants this file, please drop me a mail and ill send it to you .

if there is any way of posting files here on the forum that are say 800 KB, i'd like to know :-)



BTW i can also throw it true MSN, Arjenhelder using the hotmail service dot com.

MartinQ 4th January 2009 07:39 AM

Can the outputs be bridged to produce 3 channel at higher output?

ArjenShenzhen 4th January 2009 10:11 AM

Hi there Martin,

These IC's have been internally bridged, if you have loudspeakers with a double woofer, then you can connect one woofer to each channel and do it that way.

Hope that answers your question!


Arjen Helder

MikeHunt79 21st January 2009 02:33 PM

Hi, do you have any pics of the 2 Channel TA2020 PCB?

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