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Vidi 10th December 2006 09:18 PM

Realy Attenuator for tube amp

My plan is to build Frank's famous tube pre-amp! :)
But, I need a volume control to, and I want to build a Relay Attenuator for this pre-amp. So, I have seached around for quite some time (both on diyaudio and google), to find a attenuator suited for my needs, without any luck. I have seen plenty designs using a ADC with a pot meter, but I want a volume control controlled by two swiches (ie. closing swich 1 --> Turn down the volume, Closing swich 2 --> Turn up the volume), because I don't want to have a big knob on my amp! :)

Do you have any links or suggestions to where I can find any projects like this? Or have I missed out some posts?
(My searc phrases were Relay Atenuator, Relay Pre amp and so on, is there another word that would be smart to google?)

Regards Vidar

korneluk 10th December 2006 09:23 PM

Hej Vidar,

Why not build one with a little microcontroller - i.e. Micrchip PIC, ATMEL, etc. and you can customize it at will.
Also, check out Welborne labs, they have volume control remote kits.

vi ses,

-- josé k.

jarthel 10th December 2006 09:24 PM

in vendor's bazaar section, have a look at the thread created by mcs

Vidi 10th December 2006 09:45 PM


I have seen volume controlers using microcontrollers, but thats way beyond my experience to design by myself! :( (At least for now!)
And I have a whole bunch of omron relays at home I was hoping to use, so Welborne labs is put on hold (but thanks for the tip!)

And I have seen the commercial volume controler from mcs, they are a real beauty! But, since I already have a lot of relays at home (and I do not want that fancy LED display), these are also set on hold for now.

Regards Vidar

Karsten Sømand 11th December 2006 03:39 AM

Volume controller
Hi Vidi,

You say you do not like the displays of digital controllers. However, here are a few links for controllers with relays for very good sound quality and divided into very small steps. Maybe you are able to mount (and hide) the PCB in the cabinet and learn to use the remote control without using the display.

If you do not like the suggestions maybe they can be used as inspiration for other members of this forum.

Kind regards

Karsten :cool:

John Caswell 11th December 2006 10:12 AM

Relay attenuators/volume controls
Hi all,
For my sins I repair Hi-Fi equipment as a retirement money making (ha ha) scheme. As such see quite a lot of this type of level control and must admit that the Conrad - Johnson "clacking" relays would drive me nuts with their sheer noisiness.
If you do decide to go this route there are a great many quiet relays that you can use made by Omron, NIAS and others usually to a Post Office specification.
This guy " "does some very elegant iRed remote kits both for level and input select


John Caswell

PeteM 11th December 2006 11:08 AM

These relays

Are NOT silent by any means :whazzat: besides my board only has 32 steps position 31 jumps to maximum attenuation and starts over again.:bawling:

cliffforrest 11th December 2006 11:11 AM

The only relays which are generically very low noise are miniature red relays.

They just emit a pleasing "ping"!

Vidi 11th December 2006 11:37 AM

Karsten Sømand:
Hi! Thanks for the links! I believe I haven't explained to good what I ment by "I do not want that fancy LED display". I most certantly need a kind of display for the volume, but I don't want that fancy display the products from mcs uses, that displays input and volume on a big backlit screen... :rolleyes:

John Caswell 11th December 2006 04:09 PM

Relay attenuators/volume controls
I didn't actually say Dantimax relays were silent I said his iRed remote kits were elegant.
The relays I am referring to are available from RS Components UK as Type TQ2 at £1 .89 ea Pt Nr 113-8825 (5v coil) and 113-8831(12Vcoil)

John Caswell

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