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bembel 9th November 2006 07:00 PM

Just grabbed this AF mesuring equipement, Any infos before restauration is Welcome
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Hi all, here it is, german made (come from french army)
It's a Wandel & Goltermann TFPM76 (carrier frequency level meter)
It's very heavy, I have not opened it yet, Ithink tube based, I'm familiar to tube stuff restauration (cap reforming ... and else), but I don't even heard of this brand, but it's obviously military grade.
Any SCHEMATIC or MANUAL !!! (theres a lot of functions, ext. controls, & I/O), or information is welcome ! (Any german readers here ?)

here's a picture:

PS: It costs 2 TV & 1 VCR fixing :wiz: (also grabbed a very nice metrix 746A VTVM (6tubes all functions, very big galvanometer), Ferisol mWmeter, chauvin-Arnoux µVmeter, seems to be a good day today)

bembel 9th November 2006 07:38 PM

Oops I meen RF !
But still down to 0.3kHz it can performs analisys of AF signal (so said, I want to do hamonic distotion mostly, and then 300 to 20kHz are still better then nothing harmonics up to 100Khz and more)

seems very difficult to find information on this.

Any help will be very appreciated (even on use and procedures)

bembel 9th November 2006 09:08 PM

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I had a look inside the beast, now I understand why it was so heavy !
Every stage has his own shieldied case, there plenty (13) of "18042" tubes that are unknown from me
and a 85A2.

Here are two links from Frank Philipse for the 18042 data :

Does someone know the 18042 ??? I have no spares nor data to test them (tester).
They are made from Valvo & look like an EF80-EF86 (noval too). Aside the tester look from the sixties, at the tip of the end of tube era, I shot a picture, so I late you estimate(there is a 9V battery for size comparison).

Please help.

Brian Beck 9th November 2006 10:04 PM


I love old boat anchors like that. “Boat anchor” may not translate well into French, but it’s a endearing term for large, heavy, old tube equipment. I have no information on this unit, but I doubt that a carrier frequency level meter will be of much use for audio - especially since it will likely require a lot of refurbishment. I have tons (literally) of old test equipment of similar vintage in a spare workshop room. The value of most of this equipment is in the salvaging of the parts. In particular, I look for magnetics (transformers and chokes, often hermetically sealed) and tubes. I don’t see a much magnetic mass in your photo, but maybe it’s hidden from view. I don’t know about those Valvo pentodes, but the specs look hopeful for audio with decently high gm and moderate mu if triode connected. Worth a try!

ilimzn 9th November 2006 10:23 PM

18042 are somewhat similar to the EF80 except for a slightly higher gm and 18V filament. IIRC these were extensively used by many old german telephone exchanges.

Wandel & Golterman is a very respected manufacturer of various communications related measuring equipment - the company still exists and is doing well.

bembel 9th November 2006 10:52 PM

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Boat anchors, traduce very well into my mind (although french's missing it), and I follow you about such RF test equipement (two days ago I even Disassembled a very nice military AF generator all Z all R (807 based, a dozen tubes at all) because I needed a big chassis for a HV supply & tube curve tracer project.

but I attach you two more photos, isn't it worth a try ???:idea:

PS: before being a spider's nest & a "mushroom center" it was last checked by army services in 1987.

bembel 9th November 2006 10:55 PM

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It's too bad we cannot attch to the message more detailed images, maybe at the end the bits weight would be less.

bembel 10th November 2006 10:53 PM

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Help, still needed !

I firstly, just wonder if the electrolytic caps are all sitted near the PT (at right), then I'll just reform them and fire up, or if they are some of them hidden is the shield ?

It also got a selenium rectifier, I don't like them much, and have no procedure to test them or replace them (the metrix 746A VTVM got also two Sel. Rect. also, and I would like to restore it as I have no VTVM yet, and it seems to be the finest I saw for now, very nice piece from 66' (5tubes 2nuvistors)here's a picture, I forget a scale reference, but it's big, look at the front "antenna connector" & banana at low right)

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