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Gabevee 23rd December 2002 08:05 PM

The sound of chassis?
Hello all,

I was wondering, has anyone done listening tests with different chassis types, sizes, materials?

How does steel compare with aluminum or brass? Wood? 2 inch high or 3 inch high? 10"X12", vs 14"X19"? Does painting or candy coating make a difference? Do the layers of paint used dampen microphonic vibrations?

Looking forward to your replies!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Gabe:clown: :crackup:

fdegrove 23rd December 2002 09:08 PM



How does steel compare with aluminum or brass?
Copper sheet for groundplane,steel for case.

Any woman will tell you that size does not matter.:D

Then again,girls lie.:bawling:


roddyama 23rd December 2002 09:37 PM


Originally posted by fdegrove

Any woman will tell you that size does not matter.:D

Ahh, but "candy coating" does make a difference, especially if itís chocolate.:D

Rodd Yamashita:santa2:

fdegrove 23rd December 2002 09:58 PM


Belgian or Swiss??:D

Gabevee 23rd December 2002 10:23 PM

:eek: Whoops!!!

Meant Powder coating.:bigeyes:



mrfeedback 23rd December 2002 11:41 PM

Gabe, try running an amp with the top lid off, and then fit examples of wood, steel and aluminium lids and you will get differing sounds.
Different woods sound different too.
Ime steel is good, copper is good, brass not so good, and aluminium worst for sonics.
Dark hardwoods sound better to my ear than light coloured softwoods.
Mdf or particle board not good sonically for electronics, and some plywoods are ok.



Peter Daniel 23rd December 2002 11:50 PM

Now, steel is magnetic material. Having read that anything magnetic in audio is no good, how come the magnetic enclosure sounds good?;)

fdegrove 23rd December 2002 11:59 PM


Steel is excellent against RFI shielding.

Just use the famous D'haen trick for separating audio ground and enclosure.
The fdgrove copper plates for cooking the audio ground...

Then use the Mr.Feedback carsprings for vibration insulation and you add your own legwork and sonic heaven is in sight.

Some recipe....


Wombat 24th December 2002 12:04 AM

You are serious about that, mrfeedback and that makes me wonder every time.

I tried some of this things and never got a conclusion.

Since i heard much things i associated to voodooland before i think
about the genetic requirements to compare such things - i can´t!

Is it training, the capacity for remembering sounds, the gear or all
of that?

Does this kind of rating sound arise with time or was it there just from the first
listening you did?

The same question goes to Peter!

fdegrove 24th December 2002 12:17 AM


It does take a bat's ears to discern the differences between materials.

OTH,Gabe was making a prank :xeye: although some truth has been said between the lines.

I always prefered copper cooking pans.;)

Cheers from Asterix,;)

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