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-_nando-_ 30th October 2006 12:43 PM

"Old Like" sound transformer with a Tube !
Hello !

I was wondering how to make a "sound transformer" to turn any music in a "old like" song...

Listen to the attachment (mp3 inside the zip), it's just like an old record.

I think that to achieve this effect, we need remove all the details of the song, maybe cuting the highs with a LP crossover network (made with transistors, not opamps or tubes), and a little distortion when the signal pass trough the tube buffer.

The sound is very soft, warm and definitely there's no details on highs.

What you think ?




Miles Prower 30th October 2006 07:35 PM

Re: "Old Like" sound transformer with a Tube !

Originally posted by -_nando-_
The sound is very soft, warm and definitely there's no details on highs.

What you think ?


There's a reason that old records sounded like that: primitive disk cutters, no equalization, inferior materials. Basically, an old recording just plain SUX. Why would you want to duplicate that? YUCK! I personally design for the best sound regardless of whether the design in question is hollow state or solid state.

Modern music wasn't meant to be played like that, and losing all the detail that modern recording techniques can preserve is counter productive to the objective of making good sound. If you absolutely must have what you're proposing, I don't think anything short of DSP is going to do it. Otherwise, you're talking about making inferior designs. You can, unforch, find way too many of those on the net.

-_nando-_ 30th October 2006 07:53 PM

Calm down man, I don't want to listen to music like this in my living room hi fi ! :o It's just nice for instrumentation, some effect when creating music... Have you ever heard that music that starts or ends with a sound like this ?


Miles Prower 30th October 2006 10:27 PM

If it's intrument effects you're after, then see This Article for a description of how the various harmonics effect the sound.

In this case, it shouldn't be too difficult to build something like a push-push frequency doubler to generate second and other even harmonics, and a push-pull tripler for the odd harmonics. Then simply use a linear adder to mix varying amounts of harmonic distortion to a clean fundamental, and tune as you please.

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