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Sherman 9th August 2006 02:11 PM

Leads for ISCO PS?
I just purchased and ISCO electrophoresis PS and need to purchase or make some leads for it. Any recommendations? None of the leads I have in my parts box will fit.

ethermion 9th August 2006 02:34 PM

Banana plugs fit nice and snug in mine. Don't know which one you have. Be mindful that most leads are good only to 5 or 600V. Get or build 5kV or better leads if you want to explore the upper voltage levels.

You probably have a 494. Here is a manual for it.

Sherman 9th August 2006 04:02 PM


Originally posted by ethermion
Banana plugs fit nice and snug in mine. ...

You probably have a 494. Here is a manual for it.

Thanks for the quick reply! Yes mine is a 494, purchased after seeing it mentioned here. It will be an adjunct to my Heathkit PS which can only supply 100mA @ ~425V. I have already downloaded the manual, thanks again.

I have a couple cheap banana plugs which I won't use and a few more expensive ones with metal bodies (also not good for this). I'll have to lay hands on some nice insulated plugs.

To be honest I don't see myself exploring the upper voltage levels but who knows what the future might bring?

ethermion 9th August 2006 04:22 PM

I use leads from probemaster:

See 8026S or 8010S

Nice snug fit, and I use the spade lug to attach to my work.

The 9100 series has a retractable shroud, which might be more safe, but I have not tried it.

Both series are good for 1KV working voltage; well within my needs. Not expensive at all and very nice quality.

Actually, isco was very helpful with the schematic. Maybe they have leads for not toooo much...?


Sherman 9th August 2006 11:04 PM

Thanks for the link! I'm ordering two pairs. :D

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