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MichaelPublic 7th August 2006 05:06 AM

RCA Victor stereo cabinet amp-newb question
Hi all,
I have a chance to purchase an RCA Victor fully functional record/radio player cabinet (Gerard turntable) for about $100 (depends on bargaining)
I want to strip out the tube amp/radio to make it an amp only. Perhaps make a chassis for it if I think I'm able.

In case anyone knows it's an RCA Victor Company LTD. made in Canada unit. model SHC868 amps. 1.2 serial number 420

Is this:
1. insane
2. waaayy too much work (didn't look too hard to disassemble)
3. too pricey.?

Basically I'd like to get into tube amps and tinkering for about $100, though I'll end up with a bunch of parts I don't need this seems a straightforward way rather than ordering a bunch of parts and having to build a chassis or figure out point to point wiring.

Opinions appreciated, helpful ones moreso;)

sorenj07 7th August 2006 05:57 AM

Sounds sweet. I'd definitely go for it. The thing is, make _damn_ sure you don't show TOO much interest in it, but if you do, make sure THEY know it's just a hobby and not cuz the stuff has any _real_ value. Haggle as much as possible. If I were you, I wouldn't expect to pay more than maybe $25-30 on it, honestly. It's very very old and probably doesn't work. If you have to pick up the whole cabinet, that's a different issue. I had the same kind of opportunity to pick up an old Zenith console, but it was mono and single-ended (6V6) so I didn't see much point. Plus, the guy wanted $50 for it.

Post pics if you do get it, I'd love to help you figure stuff out.

Robert McLean 7th August 2006 02:17 PM

I agree that this is something definitely worth doing. Personally I would leave in the radio or tuner part, but that is up to you.

I have done this to a couple of early 1960s console stereos, one tubed ( A Saba 3000, with Saba greencone speakers) and one solid state ( a Sears Silvertone ). Removed and kept the electronics, remove and kept the speakers, disassembled the cabinets and made into shelves, table and desk, and tossed the turntables. Run a cd player into the tape input. I put the speakers into open baffles and they sound surprisingly good driven by the original electronics, better than when in the original consoles.

But, I got the stereos for nothing. The guy who had them just wanted rid of them because they took up so much room in his basement for years and years. It could be that your guy is the same way, and is just as anxious to get rid of it as you are to get it. You will have to judge your particular situation yourself, but personally I would offer him 5 or 10 dollars, no more. If he doesnt take it, then come back in 6 months and I am pretty sure it will still be there, and you can offer him 1 dollar.

Now if you are anxious to get started in tube amps, and dont want to risk not getting it, or dont want to wait 6 months, then shop around for another one, but dont spend anything like $100.

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