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Binaural 23rd March 2006 05:48 PM

Looking to build a tube amp.
Hello all, I've started construction on my DIY speakers again (after a pretty LONG hiatus) and I'm looking to build a complimentary amp and have decided on a SE tube amp. I won't go through my thought processes that arrived me at this decision but the speakers will be at least 93dB efficiency if not a little better than that.

I've been studying schematics and am starting to get the hang of figuring them out (tube circuit wise) so build from schematic is an option as long as the parts or a good substitute is available. I'd like to have at least 20 watt output because i still like to have some "meat" in the signal. The end result of this system will be for a cd mastering setup so it's more about accuracy than sound quality.
From some i've seen, having the 300B as an output tube seems like a good choice but if i knew that i would't be on here! Am i moving in the right direction here? I do have some limited experience building electronics but mostly troubleshooting and repair. Thanks!

Binaural 23rd March 2006 06:26 PM

Sorry i should have said that i wanted a kit to start. I figure this way there's less chance of me killing myself (or someone else) Thanks!

SHiFTY 23rd March 2006 08:09 PM

If you favour a more accurate sound, build yourself a push-pull EL34 or KT66 or even KT88/6550 amplifier. I prefer auto-bias (cathode bias) over fixed bias because it is much simpler, and some say warmer sounding. A little inverse feedback smooths them nicely. Triode mode cuts the power in half, so don't go there unless it is switchable.

Still plenty of nice tube sound with a good amount of power (30 ish Watt) and lots of different designs around. New tubes are cheap and good too.

Single ended triode amplifiers like 300B can be very... subtle? You need to tune them just right. Push-pull amps if well designed just sound great, with much less variability with different components.

Binaural 24th March 2006 03:18 PM

Thanks shifty. I guess the next question is do you know of any good kits? I'd like to get one of these under my belt before i tackle trying to design my own.

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