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rmihai 12th March 2005 10:30 PM

Amp for my speakers, PLEASE Help

I am lost. And I need your help. I just bought a nice pair of Ellis 1801b speakers and I don't know what amplifier shoul I look for.

Specs: Sensitivity 84db
Impedance: 8 ohms nominal ;dips to a low of 6.2ohms in the bass region.
Sound Pressure: 90db

My music: classical 2/3; anything else (from rock to jazz, world and folk) 1/3. Only Lp's.

My room: 18 x 20 feet (5.4m x 6.1m)

My requirements:
- to have 300b tubes
- to work best with KR tubes
- to be in my budget: $1000 (max $1075)
- can be used or vintage

I just need an amplifier, I already have a pre-amp that I will replace it later.

If the 300b's won't work with my speakers (due to my limited budget), please advise for what else should I look for.

Thanks a LOT

SkinnyBoy 12th March 2005 10:33 PM

something more powerfull than tubes can give within a reasonable budget.... 84dB sensitivity... ouch.... or are these speakers small?? hmm... lol

audiousername 13th March 2005 12:19 AM

You'll probably have to forget about the 300Bs. They won't give enough power in SE. Maybe parallel push-pull in class AB, but then that kind of defeats the purpose of using 300Bs in the first place.

KR valves are expensive.

Basically any valve amp that will drive your speakers properly will exceed your budget. As much as it hurts me to say this - you might need to turn to silly-con for help... :xeye:

How experienced are you with valve circuits and high voltages? Most all high power valve amps require you to work with quite high voltages.

Layberinthius 13th March 2005 12:03 PM

I think you'll find around here 300B's aren't very popular, but thats your choice.

Theoretically If you were to remain underneath one grand and still go for tubes you could go the KT88 PP route, construct everything in one chassis but use an isolated star grounding design and cheap Hammond output and PSU iron.

A push pull KT88 with 40-50 watts of Class-AB grunt, run it into Class-A for 20-30 watts, plenty for your speakers I'd think.

One Chassis, $50-100
2x matched pairs of Sovtek KT88's, $100
2x OPT 1650P, $180-200
One PT 278CX, $80-100
One choke 193M, $120-150
Accessories, $100-150

Total, worst case: $800
Total, best case: $630

Time and elbowgrease? Priceless...

It may not sound as good as a second hand unit you've rebuilt yourself with the classic iron intact but it sure will look cheap and sound okay.

What's the problem? :D

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