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Cassiel 30th September 2004 03:30 PM

Se Kt88 Amp

A friend of mine was listening to my tube amp (se pcl86) the other day and now he wants one... done by me. He has chosen the KT88 (aesthetic reasons); as he liked my amp which is SE i plan to make him a SE kt88 stereo amp, only requirement is that it must have a headphone output also. I can look in the net but i received good help from this forum when i did make my own amp so i was wondering if any tube guru knows of a good schematic for a kt88 SE amp...i know about security( have read books) but i wouldn't like to work with 600v so a B+ voltage around 400 would be preferred.

Thanks in advance,


powertriode 30th September 2004 04:25 PM

I came across this one the other day, whilst carrying out a similar search.

ErikdeBest 30th September 2004 04:31 PM

Give a look at the photo gallerie

One of the Diyaudio member's built a SE amplifier with KT88 which has been extensivily discussed at this forum. Do a search in the forum and also in the photo gallerie thread.

Good luck

Cassiel 13th October 2004 02:25 PM

Thanks for the replies, the link given by powertriode was dead a few days ago but i tried again today and it did work. I like the schematic and the page. I will do that one and post the pics in the photo gallery.

Thanks again for the good link ;)


Mikael Abdellah 13th October 2004 08:46 PM

I have built a wonderful SE KT88-amp.

It's REALLY simple to build. I'm unsure how it would work with headphones, but maybe someone else can answer that for you.

powertriode 13th October 2004 09:16 PM

Here are some more SE KT88 links I have found.

ICARE 14th October 2004 04:45 PM

Hello Staker,

I just finish my SE KT88...

The HT=450V so is not too depens of the speaker, you have to be carefullbecause itīs only 10W and it should be good to have at least 94dB for the speakers.

and Iīm living in Madrid so if you need help or you want listening my amp NO PROBLEMS, enviame un correo electronico.

See you

Cassiel 15th October 2004 10:57 AM


I have built a wonderful SE KT88-amp
That one is dead simple Mikael, happy with its sound?


Here are some more SE KT88 links I have found.
Thanks again powertriode, i will study over the weekend those schematics and choose the best for me(usually the easiest):)


I just finish my SE KT88
Hello Icare, your amp looks GREAT, cool design in my opinion. About the speakers, i plan to use Fostex 103 which are 93 dB so they should be ok. Only trouble is they don't sell them in Spain, they're only available in Germany. I would like to know which are yours and if you bought them in Madrid.


and Iīm living in Madrid so if you need help or you want listening my amp NO PROBLEMS
It would be nice to listen to it. Your proposal is very kind and if reason wins over shyness i'll send you an e-mail.

Well thanks to everybody, another SE KT88 is on its way.



ICARE 15th October 2004 11:23 AM

Fostex is a good choice but I see one problem with this SE, bass-frequencies will be really poor. I think you know than all SE have this problem.

Of course it depends as well if you want make a other amp for the bass and use it for bi-amplification like me !!
I donīt know your purpose.

My speakers are clone of the AUDIONOTE AZ3 but with some modification, I didnīt find what I wanted so I made them. Itīs a TQWT: 94 dB you can see them here:

You can find fostex in Netherland as well and maybe cheaper, I will check if you have a dealer in Spain but I donīt think so.

No problems if you have more question, and if you start your SE, let me know because I have good contact for ordering components like RIKEN..MUNDORF etc..etc... and donīt be shy :)

See you

Mikael Abdellah 15th October 2004 12:13 PM

So far it's the sweetest sounding amp I have ever heard in my entire life, but then again, I haven't heard any other tubeamp. About the poor bass, I must say I disagree. The bass I get from my amp is awesome. Deep, smooth and extremely dynamic. My speakers have roughly 88db sensitivity wich is just a tad to low, but it doesnt bother me so much.

About fostex. have great prices on fostex-drivers. You might wanna check them out.

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