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Andy G 14th January 2004 02:08 AM

Which KT88??
Sovtec, Electro-Harmonic, Svetlana, Ruby........ etc etc???

I own a lovely pair of rebuilt Dynaco MkIV's which use KT88 power tubes.

One of the old tubes blew, and although I had a replacement handy, I have now run out :-((

So... how do I know which brand to get, and how much audible difference is there between brands??

SY 14th January 2004 02:27 AM

IIRC, this amp originally used EL34/6CA7s?

redwine1118 14th January 2004 02:28 AM

If u dont have budget limit, Gold Lion (Genelax) is the choice.

But if u need to consider the price, China made GECKT88 from shuguang (not expensive and they simulate the design from GEC)

There is another tube name CV8286 (with top cap) which is GEC made equivalent to KT88 BUT u need to make some modification on your amp.:smash:

fdegrove 15th January 2004 11:57 PM



IIRC, this amp originally used EL34/6CA7s?
Yeah...kind of the monoblock version of it.

I'd fit the 6CA7.


If u dont have budget limit, Gold Lion (Genelax) is the choice.
Yeah....Show one that's actually a real one.

Oh...and I'd still not part with my money anyway.....

Wait a minute...the entire world if a fraud, isn't it?

Scam, scam and scam....:smash:

redwine1118 16th January 2004 01:47 AM

2 Attachment(s)

Real Expensive stuff:D

fdegrove 16th January 2004 01:53 AM


Surely the boxes look good but I've seen too many frauds to go by the looks...

Oh, even if and when they're real, are they worth it?

Cheers, ;)

redwine1118 16th January 2004 02:22 AM

GOOD Question!!!!!:att'n:

Worth or not?!?!?!

Just like NOS WE300B, PX25, Telefunken EL34......:smash:

My opinion is as long as u have built a nice amp., make use of all your effort, all your feeling......thats already enough.

What is the best amplifier? All depends.........


fdegrove 16th January 2004 02:36 AM



What is the best amplifier? All depends.........

While it's good to see you obviously know what are fine tubes, I hate to see the disappointment on your face when you need to replace them...

Sadly, I can't replace a ECC83 TFK for you with a current production type but thanks to plotters I found work arounds...

What I'm saying is that when you know your tube you can design with it or against it, it's mostly a matter of adapting the cooking pots really.

There are still some great tubes out there, some even better than the ones we knew 30 years ago and that's where I'd be spending my money on...Today.


Andy G 16th January 2004 02:54 AM

thanks for comments....
... I think I will be sticking with a KT88, budget is a bit of a problem, so the expensive ones above are probably out of the question.

Leaning toward the new Electro-Harmonic KT88EH......
or maybe the Sovtec or Svetlana

Layberinthius 17th January 2004 06:06 AM

GO for the Svetlana, I am :P

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