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Sjef 28th December 2003 10:42 PM

Looking for a tweeter amp
Hi all,

I'm currently looking for a good quality single ended tweeter amp to replace the Hiraga transistor amp I'm using now.

I'm using a pair of hybryde monoblocks (tubes/mosfet)for low end, a pair of 300B monoblocks for the mids. Hopefully their will be a something cheaper and physical smaller alternative than building another pair of 300B monoblocks.

Read some good reviews about the ZEN SE84. Are they really faster than a SET 300B as Decware claims them to be ??

The amp has to drive a pair of imitation (and actually improved) version of the Decca/Kelley DK30 ribbon horns wich have an efficiency of about 88dB/w/m. I'm currently also looking to buy a pair of second hand ESS big AMT's wich have a much higher efficiency (and hopefully more dynamics)

Anyone an idea for a high freq optimized SET amp, or know who makes optimized trannys for this. (less primary inductance= less capacitive coupling= better high freq responce ?) should be working from 1kHz upwards, cause the tweeters will be working from 2kHz with 60 or 90 db/oct linear phase crossover

An other alternative would be to use the hybrids for the highs (sounds better than the Hiraga) but the Hiraga hasn't got the power to fire the subwoofers and buy/build another woofer amp (something like a Crown K1 for more control)

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