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VictorG 26th December 2003 05:04 AM

so i get common tubes free... now i just need a project
Okay guys here is the deal.

I got an email from an uncle stating that he was going to sell about 500+ tubes soon, and that i could have a few of them if i had a useful cause for them.

I will be powering some accustat ESLs with this Amp, so prob needs to be 15W+, and push pull because another discussion said that push pulls like ESLs better.

So i need a project that will accomplish the following
1.) Use more common tubes (ones that he is likely to have A12ax7, kt88 ect....)
2.) Provide given power and have no forseen extreme negatives when paired with ESLs
3.) The iron wont cost me more that oh we'll say 120 (me student so poor)



Colt45 26th December 2003 05:35 AM

bah, convince him to give you them all:apathic:

Sch3mat1c 26th December 2003 05:46 AM

Give them all to Choky? I'm suprised he never says that here... ;)

They're relatively useless if they're all TV tubes. So many end up triode-pentode and other weird things that you just can't find enough uses for. Besides sync seperators and color decoders of course. :rolleyes:
Only things good for power from TVs are the dissimilar dual triodes (like 13GF7, FD7, etc., or single medium triodes like 6S4(?)), the triode/big pentodes (like ECL82/6BM8) and sweep tubes.

If he's got some audio tubes after all, there's plenty of schematics to be found.


VictorG 27th December 2003 10:19 PM

okay well then lets say this...

lets forget for a miniute the free tube benifit and say that I just needed an amp that put out 15W of power (at least), and was well suited for ESL purposes. Are there any that you can recommend, preferably push pull, preferable with a site that give the schematics and a parts list.


andyjevans 27th December 2003 10:44 PM

Seems like there's a simpler way to do this. If your uncle has so many tubes, he probably knows his stock and what they do. So why not have a further conversation with him and ask which of his stock he considers good for PP amps - let him sort out a few that are suitable.
Failing that, here are some of the most popular tubes as voted for by tube lovers:
small tubes:
6SN7, 12SN7
output tubes:

fdegrove 28th December 2003 12:54 AM


It would be very unlikely that all 500 tubes are different types so if said uncle could make a list that would be a great help.

If you post that list here I'm sure many people could tell yu what's worth acquiring.


Bandersnatch 28th December 2003 11:55 PM

First of all get the list, go to the TDSL at Duncan amps and look them up. Big sweep tubes make fine audio tubes. 6JE6C 6JS6C,6KN6 , not to mention the super 'spensive 6LF6 and some of the higher filament voltage ones( 20LF6 comes to mind, 24JE6C, get it?) will make a fine power tube. PP in Ultra-Linear with modest B+ and you can get your 25-30 watts in class A. 6BL7.6BX7,6SN7 are some more TV specific tubes which make fine voltage amp tubes, driver tubes and such. Plenty of good audio in a selection of'TV only' tubes.

fdegrove 29th December 2003 12:26 AM



some more TV specific tubes which make fine voltage amp tubes, driver tubes and such. Plenty of good audio in a selection of'TV only' tubes.
Assuming they ARE TV tubes which is an assumption launched by Schematic3....

Granted, it's quite likely but it's still just that: an assumption.


Bandersnatch 29th December 2003 12:32 AM

Yup, an assumption. so he should get the list, and discover what he can use. The trip through TDSL with any size of list will provide a reasonable education what ever happens. Post the list here too, and get suggestions from the board.

VictorG 29th December 2003 12:56 AM

thanks guys, ive included every tube youve mentioned in a list asking if he has em, ill post his response. more to come.... thanks again...

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