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lazzer408 21st March 2013 12:48 AM

Found myself a Magnavox 9302-00
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Got the whole console for $75 in very good shape. Bought from original owner. It's been sitting in the living room for 40+ years. Powers up and plays. :)

I'm thinking of transplanting it into a chassis and try to make it as small as I can.

Who has the schematic?


Anyone interested in two 15" woofers, two 6" midranges, and four tweeters? All paper with alnico magnets. They worth anything? I also have the turntable from it.

Jsixis 21st March 2013 01:23 AM

Nice, extremely clean, enjoy

Eli Duttman 21st March 2013 01:26 AM

That's a better amp than the unit in this thread. Notice the more massive O/P "iron", a B+ filter choke, and the properly sized 5U4 rectifier. Still, the family resemblance is quite obvious.

My remarks about 6EU7s in the linked thread also apply here.

There's LOTS to be said in favor of good sized sheet metal, starting with room to work. Consider casing up what you already have. The crappy OEM RCA jacks can be replaced by Neutrik NF2D parts that don't weaken the chassis, even though a good sized opening is made. Die cast metal helps. :)

lazzer408 21st March 2013 01:43 AM

The only concern I have with a small chassis is crosstalk and/or noise. Proper layout should help that. I planed on simple point-to-point wiring with it and a smaller layout makes that easier. Are there other issues I should know about?

Thanks for the link. I read about the 12AX7 conversion. I may do so because there's many substitutions to play with if I do.

jasondace2b 21st March 2013 01:43 AM

Thats a beauty. Check audiokarma for the mods.

lazzer408 21st March 2013 02:03 AM

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These are the speakers from the unit. Do they have any value? I've read the turntable isn't very desired so that'll probably wide up in the scrap bin... unless someone wants it?

Captn Dave 21st March 2013 03:51 AM

Nice find. A wood chassis surround looks nice on those old Maggie's. The molex opening is good for a power switch. Don't forget to add a fuse. You can find schematics for all the maggies at the Friends of Magnavox yahoo user group. The speakers are a tough sell. I have found buyers on Craigslist for about $20.


lazzer408 21st March 2013 04:45 AM

I figured the speakers weren't that sought after. I may use them for my guitar amp project and make a 2x15 cab with a pair of 6L6GT for outputs. I've been working on multi-stage distortion using 12ax7 tubes and think I have it figured out. Could be fun and I bet ~50w into 2 15s would fill a bar. :)

battradio 21st March 2013 07:17 AM

Here is a schematic , and one with some mod done to it

Shoog 21st March 2013 12:11 PM

Try the speakers in an open baffle - you maybe surprised at how good they sound. Those old alnico drivers tend to have a sweet detailed presentation. Unfortunately none of them have particularly big magnets which will severly constrain their potential.


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