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Thumpers 3rd May 2012 07:33 PM

Found tons of Tubes,and many other parts
Hi i posted this on Antique Radio Forums • Index page also, but thought id try here too.

Hi guys i have ran across a bunch of old tubes, capacitors, resistors, Testing equipment. My grandfather used to Have a repair shop and radios, Tv's, Amplifiers, pretty much anything you can imagine if it was electronic was his specialty. He is having me clean out this equipment and I was wondering if any of the Equipment in the pictures may be of any value to him. I have tried looking up some of the items but dont know if there is any real market for it? There is many more electronic parts in Bin's that i havent even took pictures of, but here is a link to what i have took pictures of. ... ?start=all

Thank you!!

djgibson51 3rd May 2012 07:47 PM

I thought Aladdin's Cave was a fairy story :)
Don't throw anything out.
This is what eBay is for.

TheGimp 3rd May 2012 08:05 PM

Wow! Looks like it was well taken care of.

simon7000 3rd May 2012 08:09 PM

Most of the larger items don't at first glance look special. However the tubes may contain gold as they all look new. eBay is the place to look up each item and then place a watch on it to see what it sells for.

I just sold off the junk from a radio station. One tube sold for more than $700! They had thrown out other similar ones thinking no one in their right mind would buy them. They might be right, but a few folks not in their right mind bid on it. (Now it was a large transmitter tube and you probably won't get that much for a single tube.

Also in the pile was a digital encoder that is in current production and selling for $7000, didn't get that much on eBay but the proceeds from the sale of stuff they would have thrown out were certainly worth the effort.

If you want to sell it all at once PM me.

Shoog 3rd May 2012 08:17 PM

I was told about a similar stash just after it had been sent to the dump.

I was bummed.


ric-paul 3rd May 2012 08:36 PM

Wow, that's some collection of tubes...:eek:


Originally Posted by simon7000 (
One tube sold for more than $700! (Now it was a large transmitter tube and you probably won't get that much for a single tube.

I think I've passed up on a box full of those a 'few' years ago. Pre-internet, so I couldn't look them up (HT-86 just popped into my mind, but this was ~1990, so I doubt I actually remember said typenumber, larger than coke-tin sized, only 4 pins iirc)

But I did some good things too (three Klangfilm tube-amps that I stored for a decade because I didn't get round to test them and passed on to an enthousiast).

lduarte1973 3rd May 2012 09:07 PM

hi , if you have some 12au7/ecc82 or 12ax7/ecc83 let me know , thanks.

ArtG 4th May 2012 01:07 AM

I suspect that there are enough people on this board with sufficient interest to allow you sell most of the stuff here, without resorting to eBay. There’s a forum here titled “Swap Meet” that’s specifically for this purpose. I have an interest in the polystyrene capacitors. Many others will have interest in some, but probably not all the tubes. The audio types will sell quickly, but you will probably find that many of the “TV” tubes will be difficult to sell. Another outlet for equipment of this type, would be weekend “Hamfests”.

Thumpers 4th May 2012 01:50 AM

Thank you
Well so far thank you all for the PM's and information and interest. It may take me a week or so to find the time to catalog all the items and make a list. Any further information is greatly appreciated. But I will post a more detailed list when i get a little time.

Thanks again,

morinix 4th May 2012 01:51 AM

So far the most valuable tube I could make out is a 1l6.

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