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rafalc 27th September 2003 08:09 AM

Pwer Supply Question
I am planning to sperate power supply from my main amp chassis to keep the size down. Question on my mind is at which point should I split the circut between the amp and supply chassis in order to ensure that the umbilical cord is not in the signal path.

At the moment I am thinking to split just after GZ37 and leave CLCLC filter on the chassis of the amp.

I am using GZ37 with CLCLC filter.

Any suggestions and ideas welcome.


PRR 1st October 2003 10:01 PM

> at which point should I split the circut between the amp and supply chassis

Power transformer, rectifier, and first big cap must be all together. You do not want rectifier spikes flowing throug a long cable.

Last big filter cap and audio-amp must be togther. You do not want audio return currents flowing through a long cable.

If you have more than two big filter caps, you can put the middle caps on PS or amp chassis, whichever fits best.

Tom Bavis 1st October 2003 11:24 PM

Agree 100%. The ripple current through the rectifier and first capacitor should be confined to the smallest loop possible, and the output should come directly from the capacitor plus and minus terminals. I'd tie the negative to ground in the power supply with a resistor and have the real ground on the amplifier end.

For safety, have your umbilical cord permanently attached to the amp, with the plug on the PSU end. That way, you won't have exposed voltage if it's unplugged.

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