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G 23rd September 2003 12:43 AM

Quality and sound of Lundahl transformers?
Hi All,

If my One Electron transformers don't satisfy I think that I might try the Lundahl LL1664 on the outputs of my SE EL34 amp. Does anyone have any experience with these transformers? Thanks.


Bas Horneman 23rd September 2003 09:36 AM

I have the little LL1674..amourphous cores. my Raleigh Audio PP line stage.

I have not made direct comparisons in my circuit with different transformers but my line stage is sublime!

Lynn Olson also is fond of them, so are many pro users. The distributor in the states is K&K audio and Kevin the owner has really excellent service...answers mail quickly and shipping is very fast!!! Plus he is a real diy'er himself.

However there have been some issues in the past with SE -> PP transformers...But I've seen none with SE or PP trannies.

I think 7N7 has had a problem or two with the Lundahls...he complained to Lundahl.....they replied something like this...
"Thats your problem not ours" other than rude replies from the Luhdahl factory, and one or two SE->PP issues, I have read nothing but good things about em.


Brett 23rd September 2003 10:31 AM

Very, very good.
I have tx's from Lundahl, Magnequest, Dynaco (Z565), Lancroft, Partridge. Peerless, Trimax, Ampex, ASL, A&R, Ferguson and Freed to compare to, and they are not embarrassed antwhere I've been able to make an exact or close comparison, and more often than not are the best.

They're also not that expensive.

Note, all my experiences with OPTs have been PP, which have the added difficulty in design and implementation of balance and HF response between both halves of the primary (which they do well).


Originally posted by Bas Horneman
and one or two SE->PP issues, I have read nothing but good things about em.
There aren't any issues if you use the correct tx for the application. Read the datasheets or ask Kevin at K&K for advice.

My personal experience with emailling Per Lundahl some time ago, was concise and helpful.

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