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NebuK 30th December 2011 10:42 AM

1SH24B Pre-Amp (or buffer?)

i've more or less randomly got a set of 1SH24B sub-miniature battery-voltage tubes. Now beeing not a tube guy myself i've searched the interwebs for what could be done with them. All i've found is this:
schematic without any further notes. Not beeing able to intuitively "read" tube schematics i'm a bit at loss here. I'd just try the schematic, its not very costly. I'd try this:

However, i thought i might just as well ask around if anyone here already used this tube in a preamp or buffer with success ... or knows some place where i can obtain a (better?) schematic with a proper description...

Thanks in advance, regards
- NebuK

v4lve lover 30th December 2011 04:41 PM

easy DC heated tubes whit a 47u cap directly near the tube to keep the voltage stable and hum free .

first tube is in pentode mode whit G2 drive followed by a 2n2904 buffer and a tone stack feeding the second tube .

second tube is also buffered by a transistor .

have a good one .

just breadboard the scematic and see if you like it standart parts can be used as its low voltage

NebuK 6th January 2012 01:04 PM


sorry for the late reply and thanks for your quick answer.

I planned to leave the tone-stack out as i don't need it. Could you describe what the second tube is for? As its identical to the first tube+aux-parts in the schematic i suspected those act as input- and output buffers to the filters in the middle... If that'd be the case i could just leave out the second tube too. I want to use it as a single buffer/preamp after all...

Thank you once again. I'll be soon able to order the parts for breadboarding ;P.

- NebuK

mwiebe 6th January 2012 01:45 PM

If you have the 1SH24Bs and are just noodling around for schematic ideas, remember those 1Ж24Б tubes are called a variety of things outside Russia, also google for 1Zh24B and 1J24B.

For a P-P preamp and other types see,
Sputnik - 9V Superheterodyne tube radio

There are quite a few projects built with those and the similar small pentode 1Ж17Б and 1Ж18Б. And there are also plenty of small triodes to work with that may be easier to implement but no Russian subminiatures that are easily found are direct heated triodes.

NebuK 8th January 2012 08:17 AM


thanks again. I've been looking for the other names for this tube as you suggested - i didn't know!

I've stubmled upon the YAHA amplifier, which seems to have been done with the 1sh24b already (although all i can find is some forum-post about "done it, works, is nice", no schematic ;/). The general idea is here:
The YAHA amp

Now ... i'm really wondering whether this schematic could be adopted to fit the 1SH24B... I've started reading a big fat army manual about tubes recommended by a tube-radio enthusiast ... will take me a while ;P. But maybe i can adopt it after i understood what the f... really happens in those small glass thingies ;).

Regards n thanks

NebuK 12th January 2012 10:57 AM

Parts just arrived. Started soldering the PSU, now fighting with layouting the tube on breadboard oO. Will report back :P

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