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bamph 29th December 2011 08:40 PM

Volume Pot for RH84
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Just finishing up my RH84 build and wanted to see if anyone had used a 100K pot for a volume control.

The schematic shows a 1 Meg resistor on the input. If I put a 100K pot across that, the resistance will drop. Is that something to be concerned with?

BTW, this project started life as a Dumont console. I reused the transformers and output tubes. You can see the before and after photos.


Bas Horneman 29th December 2011 10:39 PM

100k is perfect.

Soonerorlater 29th December 2011 11:57 PM

Sweet build ......... :cool:

GloBug 30th December 2011 12:42 AM

Ya, how do you like it?

bamph 30th December 2011 05:07 AM

Still not finished -- Hopefully tomorrow. I just hope there aren't any problems and it sounds great.

Soldered up the 100k pot. Thanks for the confirmation Bas.

bamph 1st January 2012 06:01 AM

Finished the amp last night. It sounds great. Plenty of power and a nice clean sound. Spent the day listening.

There was one hiccup. When I first powered it up, all the votages looked normal. When I added the 12AT7 and turned it on, there was some nice blue sparks in the tube and and a curl of smoke. I found the grid and cathode resistors fried. I also noticed that there was a wire from the output transformer that looked like it might be touching the input end of the grid resistor for one channel. In the original circuit, there was an extra winding on the primary side of the output transformer that was used as a filter choke in the power supply. That wire probably had about 300V on it. It was clipped, but I guess that there was enough metal to make contact with the resistor lead. After I cleaned it up and replaced the resistors, it worked perfectly. Oh, I had to replace the 12AT7 too. Guitar Center to the rescue.

I'm very pleased. The amp sounds great and looks good too.


GloBug 1st January 2012 01:05 PM

Right on, it is a nice project, glad everything worked out for you.

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