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Dennis Perusse 16th December 2011 04:03 PM

need datasheets for a phillips transformer if anyone has any
Hello folks,

I had gotten some electronic parts as my brother got out of the hobby. Yay for me as I have acquired all of his junk pile. The bad news is is that some of the transformers I need datasheets for as I have no clue for identification on their specs. One set that I really want to know about are a power transformer and and output transformer.
Both of these are from what looks like a Phillips tape deck. The markings on both the power and output transformers are these. The power one says:
WT 510 92.1 .

The output says
511 21 .

The most that I can gather is that it may have come from either a Phillips EL3536 or from an El 16B. Now the power transformer has a rectifier tube socket and that has some wires attached to the PT so I have some reference there but the rest is kinda an easter egg hunt here. The Rectifier tube is an EZ 80 (6v4) Amperex tube which actually tests good in my tube emissions tester. Id like to use these two transformers in an amp but need some help with the specs on it for proper tube matching as well. I'd love to build an amp with a 12ax7 and 6v6 tube setup or maybe even do an el84 power tube if possible. Any help here would be wonderful as I appreciate any answer as to determine the specs on these things. :-)

Oh I've also built an amp before just in case anyone wished to know as I'm a noob on it but so much of a noob that I'm gonna blunder too much into a bad situation. :-)

rocaat 27th November 2012 01:27 PM

Input voltage tags
I got across this post a bit to late not to answer your question I'm afraid but ask you a question.
I got one of them and I intend to built a SE guitar amp.
My question is : Can you point where the wall voltage enteres the tranny,wich tag should I plug the 240V (i'm in UK) or the 120V for you.

Thanks in advance

v4lve lover 27th November 2012 04:45 PM

Post me a photograph of the Mains transformer. if they resemble the transformers made for the Philips "plano" series. i might be of assistance.

The 245 volts winding should be between the black winding (the one connected to the temperature cutout) and the upper-left tag. the tag under that should be 220volts


rocaat 27th November 2012 05:53 PM

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Thanks for you speedy replay. Appreciated.

Yeah theres two photos of the tranny in question, its a WT51092.1 from philips.

rocaat 28th November 2012 10:57 PM

Just wonder if now you know the primary connections for that PT

Dennis Perusse 12th March 2013 02:04 AM

Still kinda lost on this, even after all this time as I put it away and am now looking at it again. After looking at rocaat's pics my PT is identical but I still am not sure where I can get any info on both the Power Transformer or even the Output Transformer (wt 511 21) for that matter. Any suggestions? Lastly does anyone know or can confirm the device that these came from. In my original post I thought that they came from el3536. Can this be confirmed and if so what tube compliment did it have. Thanks. :-)


devilsindetails 12th March 2013 02:36 AM

Dennis...if it is the Philips EL3536 the tube complement is as follows;

1X EM84
3X ECC83
2X EF86
2X EL84

This is a great place to find info on Philips radios, recorders etc: EL3536 R-Player Philips Radios - Deutschland, build 1959, 1

They have schematics for various Philips reel-to-reel recorders of that era with enough detail to give you voltages etc

Regards. Leon

Dennis Perusse 13th March 2013 03:08 AM

Thanks, I appreciate it a lot. If it is from the el3536 then I have a way on reusing it. Where it uses a ez80 tube (the PT that I have) for rectification I'm gonna have to really look at what schematics cover that type of rectifier. Looks like if it does use el84 tubes then maybe I can make a ac-15 out of it. :-)


tricomp 13th March 2013 07:08 AM

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This is the power-section schematic of an EL3536A.
It shouldn't be hard to figure out with a simple VOM what is what.



Dennis Perusse 15th March 2013 02:03 AM

thanks, I appreciate it. :-)


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