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Xpersephone2 20th May 2011 06:48 PM

Welborn Labs - Abysmal Service
In late 2010 I decided to buy a complete kit to build a modified ST70 from Welborn Labs. I had read the various postings on here and other boards describing their service as poor or worse; but equally most of that seemed to be ‘old news’ and there were suggestions that after financial troubles etc things had been turned around. Unfortunately my experience is to the contrary…
I ordered the kit at the beginning of December 2010, and paid via Paypal because the kit was nonstandard and I therefore could not pay via the Welborn Labs web site. More is the pity because at least using a credit card would have given me a simple way of seeking redress from Welborn later on . I asked for the kit to be shipped early Jan 2011 as I was on holiday over Christmas and did not want to risk a delivery whilst I was away. I also assumed that this would give Welborn time to pick the parts and I could therefore expect a prompt delivery. Welborn were very communicative via email in respect of questions I had, and told me the kit had been dispatched in early January.
When it had not arrived in early February I began to email enquiries to Welborn, asking for a USPS tracking number etc. These were not responded to until I threatened to contact Paypal etc, at which point on 10 Feb I received an mail saying Welborn could not get to their office to track down the shipment because they were snowed in. Towards the end of February I got an email implying that the kit had been held up at the post office by a USPS person because of ‘problems with the customs papers’ but that it had now been dispatched.
In Mid-March I finally received the kit. All complete except for the power transformer and the PCB! After a few exchanges of email in which I was asked if I’d failed to notice the PCB as it might be packed inside the documentation envelope (ignoring the less readily missed power transformer) Welborn went silent for a month, apart from a mysterious email with no content in it!
I had concluded that Welborn were not going to come up with the goods, and was 95% of the way through engineering my own PCB from the schematics when it turned up in Mid-April, alas still with no power transformer!!
Out of frustration so I could start the build I purchased a power transformer from, costing me $200 with P&P. From order to receipt in the UK took three weeks, one week of that with UK customs and the parcel was tracked by USPS start to finish. Why do Welborn find this type of service impossible?
I am posting this with a heavy heart because but in the hope that I might save someone else from doing business with Welborn. I am amazed they are allowed to stay in business – this is fraud / theft pure and simple and the way the communications turn on (when Welborn wants to sell you something) and off (when they’ve run out of excuses for not delivering your goods) stinks.
By contrast I bought a chassis from Yaeger Electronics on Ebay which is of absolutely excellent (almost old-fashioned) quality and I would recommend to anyone. They were helpful with the communications, quick to dispatch and along with dynakitparts it cheers me to know there are still good guys around.

adason 20th May 2011 08:07 PM

it's a shame!

merlin el mago 21st May 2011 09:47 AM

Once time I ordered parts to Welborne Labs & paid by paypal, after one month without any answer to my several e-mails I asked paypal to refund me the money & paypal refunded me the money so I say I have a VERY TERRIBLE experience with these guys so my advice is DON'T PURCHASE

QSerraTico_Tico 21st May 2011 10:06 AM

Paypal also refunds money on non-Ebay items?
New to me!

themagicmanmdt 21st May 2011 09:32 PM

paypal is pro buyer almost lopsidedly in many cases...

i've been 'had' a few times with the money being refunded AND the buyer collected on UPS claims, while I got nothing, not even the broken gear back...

i try to avoid Paypal for pretty much anything...that is, unless i'm the buyer :)

Salectric 21st May 2011 10:15 PM

For what it's worth, I actually had a good experience with Welborne last month. They have some nice wire that I like to use for ground connections in my preamps and amps. Unfortunately, my supply from several years ago was just about used up. I contacted Welborne by email first and confirmed they had enough in stock and could ship right away. Within a week, I had the wire. Of course, one good experience doesn't excuse the problems other people have had.

jleaman 21st May 2011 11:53 PM


Originally Posted by QSerraTico_Tico (
Paypal also refunds money on non-Ebay items?
New to me!

Yes they do, i use paypal for everything, saves my *** every time, and i also hold tracking numbers and signature required when selling / buying things.

It's sad that welborn labs can'd get their act together :(

rungemach 12th December 2012 04:35 PM

Paypal will only give you 45 days to act on a charge. If the merchant puts you off longer with excuses, you are out of luck unless your credit card company has a longer time period. Fortunately mine had a 120 day charge complaint period and I got my money refunded. My bank took the money from Paypal, and then Paypal in turn will go to the merchant because now Paypal is out the money.

I notice that Welborn has recently taken Paypal off their website and is now using Goggle Wallet.

Be careful when dealing with these people. They took my funds the day I placed the order and never shipped.

richlarkin 13th December 2012 09:52 AM

Happened to me too, ordered a power supply September, waited 1 month, no parts no reply to emails. Took out a case with paypal then got apology. one week later received parts with the wrong PCB. Have since returned all the parts and asked for refund which had been offered, so far no refund and no replies to E-mail.
If you are considering purchasing anything from Welborne Labs, take my advice and don't.

wa4swj 14th December 2012 11:46 AM

I also ordered from them several years ago. Never got some of the parts I ordered and they still owe me $75. Not a big deal but I will never order from them again.


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