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mark02131 20th December 2010 06:29 PM

12AT7 vs 6SL7 as splitter for 6V6 ppp amp
I can't decided if I want to use the 12AT7 or the 6SL7 as my phase splitter in my new 6V6 push pull parallel amp project. Any input as to likes/dislikes and what others have tried and prefer would be helpful.


el156 20th December 2010 06:39 PM

What kind of phase splitter?

aardvarkash10 20th December 2010 06:46 PM

SL7 keeps it all octal.


mark02131 20th December 2010 07:04 PM


Originally Posted by el156 (
What kind of phase splitter?

One to feed both half's of a push pull amp not sure the names of them, longtail maybe, one half using the plate the other half using the cathode.

mark02131 20th December 2010 07:05 PM


Originally Posted by aardvarkash10 (
SL7 keeps it all octal.


Good Point.

aardvarkash10 20th December 2010 07:34 PM

Either of them have gobs of gain - that won't be an issue, but of the two, electrically the at7 better suits what you (sort of) describe you want. It has far more current capability than the sl7 and so will provide a firmer drive to the 6V6 grid.

Either a voltage amp to cathodyne or a ltp topology will work. If you choose the first, watch your heater to cathode voltages.

dtut 20th December 2010 11:03 PM

If you use the 6V6s in pentode or UL, the 6SL7 should work fine. If they are trioded, the 6SL7 may struggle a tad. I've used 6SL7 to drive 7591s UL class A and am happy with the results. Check Eli's "El Cheapo" for a 12AT7 LTP and I think there's a 6SL7 version of Poinz' "Music Machine." Both are well regarded.

aardvarkash10 20th December 2010 11:19 PM

another way (I'm doing this at the moment...) is to use the 6sl7 and put a source follower between it and the grids of the 6V6.

You get:

- Classic octal good looks (matter of opinion)
- Good gain
- All the grid drive you could ever need.

Take a look at the 6V6 Baby Huey design as a relevant example of this topology

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