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Hojvaelde 9th November 2010 07:29 PM

PFL200, what can I use them to?
Hi friends

I have some PFL200 (16Y9). They are just lying around. :o

Are there some who have tried them in audio use. I can not find anything on Google.

Key figures would be:
Va = Vg2 = 170V
Vg1 =-2.6v
Ia = 30 mA
Ig2 = 6.5 mA
Raa = 5 or 8 k since I have both. Which is best?
Wout = 4 to 6 Watt

The small pentoder be triode connected and used as input stage and phase splitter.

Are there some who have ideas?



Arnulf 9th November 2010 09:53 PM


Originally Posted by Hojvaelde (
Are there some who have ideas?



Your biggest enemy is the uncommon socket. Where do you plan to plug these in ? If you have sockets ready, you can move on to more technical aspects.

PFL200 is a signal pentode and an output pentode. Output pentode is rated for 5.1W anode dissipation. The only use I see for it outside TV service (assuming you managed to procure the odball sockets) would be a single-ended headphone amplifier, or low-wattage amplifier (1-2W audio output power or thereabouts). There's far too much gain for any other use (you might as well use solid state if you're content with loads of gain and NFB and triode connection of either section) which just makes a poor use of what is already a rather unwieldy tube.

Hojvaelde 10th November 2010 01:53 AM


Tube socket is no problem. They are made again. See link. They are expensive.

Pacific T.V. - Vacuum Tube Sockets

Google 1 hint.

My question was only: Can PFL200 be used for audio or is it a hopeless project. :eek:



ArtG 10th November 2010 02:47 AM

The Pacific TV website is interesting! I never knew tube sockets came in so many configurations! There are lots of other interesting things to see on that sight.

HollowState 10th November 2010 03:27 AM

Pacific TV is a rip-off. You can buy them right from China on eBay much cheaper. "Also from hongkongsuperseller"
10 pin Euro style Ceramic Tube Socket 6X9 ECF200 X10 - eBay (item 290426672124 end time Nov-14-10 18:28:26 PST)

Arnulf 10th November 2010 09:15 AM


Originally Posted by Hojvaelde (
My question was only: Can PFL200 be used for audio or is it a hopeless project. :eek:

In that case the answer would be yes. Do you have a specific use in mind ?

hidnplayr 10th November 2010 10:45 AM

If you want to try something extraordinary, I believe it would be possible to make a murray amplifier with 2 of those tubes..

Advantages are, it would need around 350V B+ instead of the very low 170V (so you can use a more common power transformer)
You will not be able to use the output transformers you already have, but a cheap toroid will do very nicely here!

(schematic of murray amp is here )

Just an idea!

PS: thanks about the tip for the sockets guys

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