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chijen 6th July 2003 03:25 PM

6H30Pi & 6C45 Datasheet
Dear all

Where can I found 6H30Pi & 6C45 detail datasheet?

Joel 6th July 2003 07:03 PM

At the svetlana website I would imagine. Or are they Sovtek...

fdegrove 6th July 2003 08:19 PM



Where can I found 6H30Pi & 6C45 detail datasheet?
Send me an e-mail and I'll send the datasheets to you.


At the svetlana website I would imagine. Or are they Sovtek...
You won't find them there and, for info, the Svetlana site is under construction since their merger with P.M. Components.


Bas Horneman 6th July 2003 08:22 PM

Here are some links

Do a search on google...bound to get plenty more...

Colt45 6th July 2003 10:51 PM

if people learned how to properly transliterate cyrillic to latin letters, you'd find them easier.

the cyrillic letter than looks like "c" sounds like "S", therefore it is an "S" in latin. that character that looks like "n" or pi, sounds like "p", therefore its a "p"

H = N.


here's more, you need a .djvu plugin though.



the -E and -DR just denote ruggedized / long life versions. As far as audio amp use they are pretty well identical to the normal versions.

chijen 7th July 2003 02:18 AM


Joel 7th July 2003 10:25 PM


Originally posted by fdegrove
...since their merger with P.M. Components.

Who are they?

fdegrove 8th July 2003 08:08 AM



Who are they?
"They" are a major British distributor of valves/tubes.

The P and M stand for Peter and Mick Watson, the founders and still CEO of the company called PM Components Ltd.

When Britain sold its machinery to China in the eighties this company helped setting it up and provided engineers to help the new start up.

You may remember the "Golden Dragon" brandname which was used to distribute to new produce from the Shuguang area factories?

As you may know "Svetlana" is not a manufacturer of tubes but a market name used as a front to distribute various former USSR made tubes in the western world.

What the merger is likely to bring us remains to be seen but, expecting a more aggresive marketing of Chinese tubes in the U.S is my educated guess.


Colt45 8th July 2003 03:14 PM

fdegrove, thats simply wrong.

svetlana is a manufacturer.

the tubes made by them have the old "C" logo they have used forever.. company was established in the late 1800's, but changed it's name to svetlana around 1910.

in the US, the modern "S" logo is owned by.. uh new-sensor, iirc, and they slap it on everything they push.. not always actually made in svetlana plant, most likely reflektor.
the owner of the "S" logo used to have some kind of deal with svetlana, and imported / pushed their tubes.. but then the owner took the money and ran, or something like that.. and sold the copyright to the "S" logo to new-sensor.. iirc.

the factory is in st. petersburg, and theyve made things other than tubes in the past. lightbulbs and calculators, im not sure what else.

fdegrove 9th July 2003 02:23 PM


Correct...somehow I confused the Sovtek name with Svetlana.

I'm unaware of the "S" logo story but I know New Sensor ( Mike Matthews?...not sure) was one of the first to strike a deal with the Russians to distribute their product in the States.
To the best of my knowledge these tubes were made in a variety of factories in former USSR.

Thank you for correcting me,;)

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