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Crazy Al 27th January 2010 05:02 PM

My first project ELEKIT TU-870R
Hi I am new here and I just built this little amp last night for my first project. I got it from Victor at VK music.
I have never built before but I am confident I did an acceptable job. The amp works great and it sounds nice.
The front trim plate was off in this pic. The amp is doing great and it really sounds good on the klipsch b-3 speakers I am running it on.

Iain McNeill 27th January 2010 05:30 PM

Nice job - looks great!

Crazy Al 27th January 2010 05:45 PM

Thank you for the kind words. I would like to mention- This is my first project. I have soldered before so that part I am comfortable with and feel I did an ok job on.
I have a very basic understanding of how the circuit works, However from owning tube guitar amps for years I know better than to open it back up now that I have plugged it in. I really tried to double check all my joints and everything well as I knew this. I am not going to attempt a repair if I ever need one knowing there are caps in there that could be possibly be charged and kill me. If that issue arrises I will send it to elekit doctor. Or ask someone how to make it safe for me to fix.

I know enough to know the amp must be cathode biased because it has no bias adjustment like some of my guitar amps do. I guess what I'm saying is if anyone sees anything I could do to be any safer please let me know- I am a newbie at this and know I want to live. The only thing that concerned me really was that it has no bonding ground, but then again neither does any of my other store bought electronics. So it should be ok in my mind but if any of you with experience see any major issues please let me know.
I run the amp about 3/4 volume to get a good listening level- only 2 watt amp. I assume it is ok to crank up as long as it is not distorted in a bad way?

Thank you for welcoming me here and thanks to Victor at VK. He was very helpful and very good to do business with. I would reccomend his store and this amp to others.

Roma 4th April 2010 02:55 AM

Thank you for good info. Looking to get Elekit TU-879 amp, hope it's sound good too...

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