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Zoran 8th May 2009 07:42 AM

"Designing tube preamplifier" article
Hi, while ago I wrote the article for one prominent audio magazine,
but it seems to be the little bit long for zine publishing...
I upload the PDF file (1.9Mb) to one domestic forum.
maybe it will be usefull for someone?
Thanks folks

Alex Kitic 8th May 2009 02:40 PM

Dear Zoran,

it is quite obvious why they did not publish it, and I am quite perplexed that it is not obvious to you?!

1. The text is too complicated, long, and vague for a DIY magazine (any DIY magazine), although it could be just good enough for a thesis, provided it has the other qualities required: that it is NEW and NEEDED.

2. The text is too "altisonante" for mere DIYers, the author is looking down on them (they do not like that, and "gurus" as a rule never do that).

3. With all due respect, your otherwise good colloquial English is not up to the task of writing an article for a magazine... it is obvious from the first few lines.

I did not read it all, actually, because:
1) I do not have the time;
2) I do not need being lectured;
3) I tried but missed the point... I wanted to see what my fellow Serb was building, but it is buried too deep in the text.


analog_sa 8th May 2009 04:00 PM

An interesting and well informed article. Many thanks for publishing it.

Test Electrix 8th May 2009 06:10 PM

Saved it if you don't mind, detail don't bother me but it could take a while to read! More knowledge is more knowledge though

Westerp 8th May 2009 06:57 PM

April 1 is some time ago or am I wrong? ;)

grhughes 8th May 2009 07:24 PM

Yes, Very good! I learned much!
Thank you! Ray

Zoran 8th May 2009 08:11 PM

It is a quite "old" article, that I dig recently... concern the topic on local forum.
So, some of You could be in right to note on things that could be better.
For instance, I can complain that the content and first page is missing.
Among other things.
I went through the just to check the "tone", and the style, and that coud be improved too. Maybe it is because my english is from primary school and I do not have much chance to practice. The text, in first, should be translated to italian, so i do not leave the article to someone who is more compentent, to recheck and make correctoions.
I will ask my friend ,a good writer who is doing much translations too, to take a look.
Anyway, I wrote this, in first, like much shorter form,
just to fit in some zine format... But after while, I discovered that the issue is just "bigger" than 2-3 pages.
(That is why the people invent the P.D.F. :) )
I did not want just another simple article, which does recover not at all, and with just claims without offering, some explanation. Just with schematic only, frequently with wrong calculated values, and questionable conceptions...
I didn't invent something new, just extract from the literature and personal experiance,
the issues that I consider like base, and where diy people exactly repeating the same mistakes. Just like me in the beguining of my life with tubes.
At least I did some PSpice modeling, and perform some mathlab, and mathcad sheets
which coud be of use?
I am an artist, finished Academy of art in Belgrade, (Where now I am teaching drawing, painting and media), but some how I am familliar with maths and software, because I finished Mathematic gymnasium in Belgrade, for programming, maths and physics...
Your responds really motivate me to rearange the article...
Do not hesitate to give the oppinion, + or - ...

Alex Kitic 9th May 2009 07:40 AM

1) To rearrange the article, you should cut it very, very, short... and leave out most of the lecturing. We are talking about a DIY magazine, not a textbook.

2) Make shure your friend is a scientific/technical translator, not a books and articles translator. Not one of the kind that translates "integrated circuit" as "movement in circles" and "magnetic field" as "magnetic meadow"... you probably know what I mean in our language, Serbian. The translator has to be knowledgeable of electronics, actually have some electronics education. Beware, Italians like to laugh at those who have poor command of their knowledge but write articles :)

3) Tanti saluti, Zoran! Ti auguro successo!

I do not know whether to feel sorry that you are teaching art instead of electronics, or to feel sorry that you had to endure all that math for nothing? Anyway, it is possible only in Serbia.

Alex Kitic 9th May 2009 07:48 AM


More knowledge is more knowledge though
What if you are learning something that is not correct? Or that was tought to be correct at the time?

Zoran 9th May 2009 01:42 PM

But, it is not diy zine, article anymore...
I said that it wasn't from the moment I realised that the topic is just harder.
Actuallu the text is not so big when you put it in 3 colunms form, with slightly,
smaller pictures, it is maybe like 6-8 pages, which is common for the good zines,
and dividing to parts is way we often saw in publishing...
So that was not the problem, maybe it is hard for me to say, but I think that I broke the
time dead lines...
eventually, it could be of use for zine purpose, to perform just some parts,
maybe i dont know..?
I aggree with You that more care should be taken to the technical expressions,
even just to check...
It is more like desk top publishing, net based article, for me.
Aleks, please, as I said, it is not some unknown things presented,
I am not inventor, or something, and I do not have intension to be like You
said Guru or such.
So it is not lecturing at all, but if You are take like it is, I cant go against it, really.
I wroted down some references.

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