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Trout 1st February 2009 12:08 AM

21st century tube? Non-Vacuum
What do you guys think if this idea?

Tone Grinder Pre-Amp tube replacements.

wakibaki 1st February 2009 01:08 AM

No website yet.

I've never seen it before.

It's not a vacuum tube, so it's solid state. Either that or alien technology.

Why would a tube freak put SS in instead of a tube?

Why would somebody who's prepared to have SS want it in a tube amp?

Let's club together and buy one and break it open.


Geek 1st February 2009 02:42 AM

Same thing?

If so, my offer is valid here too.


coresta 1st February 2009 02:59 AM

:xeye: at the end of era of the sweep tubes, i remember hard booster diodes like EY500 in an aluminium can like these :clown:

Trout 1st February 2009 02:18 PM


Originally posted by Geek
Same thing?

If so, my offer is valid here too.


Seems to me all you actually end up with is a SS pre-amp and tube output section, Like that has never been tried MANY times LOL

I am all for good reliable stuff, but some things can not or should not be replaced.

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