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Stuey 19th January 2009 10:01 AM

Socket for 6AQ5
Hi all,

I'm new to tubes/valves and am in the process of collecting all the bits to build a Moebius line stage using 6AQ5's.

I see a current thread where a guy had trouble with his octal sockets, so I thought I'd ask - how do I identify the correct sockets for the 6AQ5? I know them as seven pin miniature sockets, but I've variously seen them described as B7G, and on the GE datasheet, E7-1.

Can you help?



Bandersnatch 19th January 2009 11:42 AM

The 6AQ5 does take the small 7-pin socket. Same as 6AU6 for instance. The octal is *QUITE* different...:)

Stuey 20th January 2009 12:16 AM

Geez Douglas, I'm not QUITE that thick! ;)

Yes, I know the octal has eight pins. I was just referring to another thread where the poster got sockets that his valves wouldn't fit, and I don't want to end up in that situation. Given that much of my stuff comes from o/seas.

I know also that it's a small seven pin socket that I need...

Can I put it another way? Is there more than one type of 'small seven pin' socket configuration?

Cheers for the info.


anatech 20th January 2009 12:29 AM

Hi Stuey,
It's just a simple 7-pin tube socket. You need to specify whether you want PCB mount or chassis mount. Some chassis sockets may come with supports or hold downs. I have even seen shielded 7-pin sockets. Some PCB sockets may have different circumference for the pins, but that should be about it.

Note too that sockets may be phenolic, mica filled molded, ceramic or molded. The ceramic ones can deal with heat better, but many tube radios used phenolic sockets.

On to contacts. Forget gold plated, that disappears quickly. Cadmium plated (I think) were standard and preferred. Someone may even come out with a nickel or brass type.

So there you have it. Larger sockets are made with various pin configurations. Some really old types are large like octal, but with 7 contacts. These are special and should be noted as such.


Stuey 20th January 2009 12:34 AM

Cheers Chris. I have some lined up that are silver plated, but my choice isn't because of this - they just look well made.

There seems to be a fair bit of tinny looking junk out there!



anatech 20th January 2009 12:57 AM

Hey Stu,
Your link dumps me elsewhere. I did search and found part # 010241. It looks well made, and it's new. Go for it. The price is in line with what I would expect.


Bandersnatch 20th January 2009 01:40 AM


Originally posted by Stuey
Geez Douglas, I'm not QUITE that thick! ;)

I know also that it's a small seven pin socket that I need...

Can I put it another way? Is there more than one type of 'small seven pin' socket configuration?

Cheers for the info.


My 813's take a 7-pin...:) is that it?

though that peg on top might be considered the eigth

Stuey 20th January 2009 02:02 AM

Yep, they're the ones Chris.



Apex Jr 20th January 2009 02:34 AM

I have a large quantity of these in stock

These will work for the 6AQ5 and at .35 each

The 813 is the large 7 pin version and I should
also have those too...

Steve @ Apex Jr.

anatech 20th January 2009 02:52 AM

Hi Douglas,
You mean that your 813s are morbidly obese? :angel:

Anyway, I thought that all Tnuctipun were extinct after that one unified command. But then again, "food that talks" might fear that return for all time.

I don't know anything of the story, but I just had to investigate your tag line a little bit. Of course, this also revealed the meaning of your "handle". However, I had never thought of you as livestock. Cow, pig or sheep?

Hi Steve,
Geez, I should have been buying my sockets from you! The 7-pin you show there are pretty much garden variety and would work fine. I haven't looked further into your site, because I got a "page load error" [network timeout] trying to load

Ahhhh, now I'm in. Hey, I like those right angle 9-pin ceramic sockets you have. I have to say that your place is a wonderland for guys like me. It's a good thing you're located in CA and I didn't know about your place when I went to the first Burning Amp.

Some day I'm going to have to find out if there is an inexpensive way to ship to the Toronto, Ontario area. Will you accept Credit cards or PayPal at some point in the future?


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