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cjkpkg 5th November 2008 12:51 PM

stupid question of the day
I am building the Aikido preamp. This will feed a SimpleSE that I built.

I also want a phono stage which I will eventually build. I would like to integrate it into the chassis for the Aikido. So, my question is, do I process the output of the phono stage through the Aikido preamp? OR does the output of the phono stage go directly to the power amp?

I tried to search this one and found no direct answer.


SY 5th November 2008 01:02 PM

Generally, you'd run the phono stage through the line amp, too. You'll need to be able to control volume and switch sources, which is the function of the line amp.

whitelabrat 5th November 2008 05:03 PM

I think you'll find that the Simple SE provides plenty of gain to do without a preamp stage. I used an LiteAudio ls7b pre attached the Simple and it just was way too much gain. To each their own though right?

In my case I just use a stepped attenuator with a channel selector which works great. My phono amp could probably use a bit of help, but it does fine without the preamp. I could possible use a preamp, but I would want to have a fixed attenuator to cool off the hot signal coming from the ls7b.

To contrast, I have a Marantz 8b and Diytube ST35 amps that seem to like the preamp, but they can get by without it as well.

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