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leitmo 17th June 2008 08:01 PM

big doubt: dynakit st35 VS diytube st35clone
hello DIYers

this is my first thread and i start with a big doubt: i want to build one of this amps but...which one???

dynakit st35 seems to be a reedition of original Dynakits but i don't know if parts will be same quality, it has cover optional

triodestore st35 has forum support and i'm quite sure it was designed by Dynakits creator, it has no cover optional

any suggestion??
if you know any similar tube amp kit in price (400-500$) and specifications (15-25W) let me know

Thanks all of you!!!!!

audiowize 17th June 2008 08:12 PM

The kit from Dynakitparts is a very traditional ST-35 kit, right down to the layout, chassis, etc. I would recommend getting it with the metal film resistors if that is the route you choose.

The kit from Triode Electronics is based of a single stereo board for both channels, integrating a more modern design that takes advantage of some of the different parts that are currently available. Assembly would be a little bit easier on this kit, but it will not have the upgrade options that the stock kit would have.

If it was me, I would get the Dynakitparts kit over the triode kit. Really, it boils down to tube choice for me. I will blatently avoide the 12AX7 whenever I can, and the 12DW7 is not a bad tube at all. Also, the cosmetics of the traditional kit seem preferable to me.

Wolf012558 17th June 2008 09:05 PM

Bob Latino's Dynaco ST-70 kit

Last October I built Bob Latino's Dynaco ST-70 kit. It's a little more money ($625) than the ST-35 kit from either Dynakitparts or Triode but has double the power (35 WPC vs 17.5 WPC) of the ST-35. Bob has been a Dynaco repair person for many years and has been offering his kit now for about the past 2 years. The kit is a totally upgraded offering of the old original ST-70 kit.

The assembly manual is very well written and easy to follow and the sound quality of the amp is far better than the old original ST-70 I still have here. He has a web site where you can read more about the amp at the link below.

He also has a 60 watt per channel version of the same amp at the link below ..


ArtG 17th June 2008 09:32 PM

DIYTUBE-ST35 also offers a semi-kit that features some improvements over the original DYNACO offering, such as individual output tube biasing and separate 12AX7 and 12AU7 tubes rather than the combined 12DW7/7247. Other than those two changes it very closely follows the original circuit, so the sound will be similar, but probably a little better than original with the improved power supply filtering and improved parts quality. I've heard one and judged it to be very good IMHO. This semi-kit arrangement also offers some flexibility, if you wish to make your own "improvements" such as a tube rectifier or a classy chassis!
If you want to look at it, the link is below. As you'll see, they offer considerable support.

leitmo 20th June 2008 03:54 AM

thanks for replies!!!

i think i will go on with dynakitparts, same power but an amazing chassis and cover

I'm not looking for an audiophile amp with best caps or tubes, i only want to hear sweet music while staring at the tubes glowing

thanks averyone!!!

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